Armenia Reborn

The finish line for our 2 weeks of walking was the Armenian Genocide centre in Yerevan. Many of us are familiar with the holocaust during world war 2, but perhaps not so many are familiar with the Armenian Genocide of... Continue Reading →

Entering Yerevan

We were only about 5 kilometres from Yerevan overnight, so we couldn't wait to get into the city. From our hotel we had to cross a huge canyon first thing in the morning. After about an hour we recognised whwere... Continue Reading →

New wine

So we are almost at Yerevan, The last few days have got hotter as we have come down from the Highlands. Yesterday morning we got caught in a very welcome shower of rain. At lunchtime we stopped for something to... Continue Reading →

Sevan up!

We walked out of Dilijan this morning overtaken, by a massive military convoy of troops and heavy guns. It was a reminder of Armenia's precarious position surrounded by 2 enemy states. The road out of Dilijan was much steeper than... Continue Reading →

Special children

On Wednesday evening Alan spoke at the midweek group that meets in one of the buildings in the container village. Parents and children squeezed in, sitting on the floor when the seats were full. Tom translated as Al shared about... Continue Reading →

Eat what is put before you and heal the sick.

We were so grateful for the drop in temperature and the shorter distance to walk today. Best of all were able to put into practice Luke 10v 8-9. To enter a home and pray for the sick. It was mostly... Continue Reading →

Pray for the Balkans

As Mike and Al boarded their flight home from the brand new airport at Zagreb, it was an opportunity to give thanks to God for all he is doing in this part of the world. What was once Yugoslavia has... Continue Reading →

Ongoing impact.

We love it when people contact us after meeting them on the road. Several times people have phoned or messaged us after meeting us. On Friday night we were sharing with a small group at Agape church in Kamenari. When... Continue Reading →

Beauty and blessings

Over the last two days the lads have walked from Petrovac to Tivat via Budva. We had so many opportunities to share Jesus and pray with folk on the roadside. On Wednesday at a cafe a guy called Jovan gave... Continue Reading →

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