Albania 2014

Thanks for praying

Thank you to all who prayed & sent encouraging words. Hope you feel it was worth the effort! I'm reposting these two pictures...still haven't recovered from that evening!!

Hunger for God

Most of the church came forward! Help!!!!! After I preached I had to pray for almost everyone. Robin Stephens ( missionaries from Kingdom Faith ) said it was a first for a Sunday morning meeting

Looking back down the road

I see many witnessed to along the way, lots of roadside ministry & a sea of smile gospel tracts! Here's just a few.

Speaking at a celebration in Fusheskruje Mike shares a prophetic word that Sarah got back in England which causes the place to erupt with shouts & praise!!

Reunited! Tears of joy

Gazzi ( my interpreter) has been reunited with Alexander, who ran the orphanage in Laç, where Gazzi was 15 years ago!! Pastor Alexander is one of the church leaders requesting that we visited and stayed with them on the way!... Continue Reading →

A blood feud zone

We were called off the road today by someone ( can't give specifics or names). Two families living opposite each other... One family Catholic & the other Muslim. We were standing In between the two with the cross! Many revenge... Continue Reading →

“Bit of a hike”

“A party in Heaven”

Tonight an unscheduled meeting...pastor Alexander gathered 70 of his people in Laç to hear me speak. 4 people make decisions for Christ( pastor confirmed they were first time decisions) And the Holy Spirit came upon the children ...some of them... Continue Reading →

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