Brussels to Paris 2016

Thanks for praying

Your prayers, words and encouragements were really important! It was a privilege to pray for so many French, young and old. To see broken bones healed To minister and encourage pastors on the frontline To see churches challenged and equipped... Continue Reading →

Ja Masih Ki! (Praise the Lord in Punjabi).

Those who follow the blog will know that we take Luke chapter 10 pretty seriously. Especially the part where it says to carry no purse. The challenge was that we were down to a handful of Euros and been living... Continue Reading →

Is this a joke?

Friday was a long day for us, actually finishing with us climbing into bed at 4 AM Saturday morning. As usual we never do things by halves on these trips. We wanted to walk towards one of the world's most... Continue Reading →

It kicks off on Bastille day!

We needed a fight, and the Lord threw us straight into the battlefield.  We walked into Paris armed with nothing but hands full of Gospel tracts and hearts willing to believe God for Miracles. We passed through Republic square in... Continue Reading →

Million to one

Through a crazy chance meeting, God provides Mike and Al with a breast of duck dinner near the Eiffel Tower! Friends from my ARC days holidaying it in Paris at the same time I'm Crosswalking there... It's Stephen Croxson!!

Thousands see the cross pass by

First of all we were not meant to be in Paris yet, but felt it important to jump a little ahead to be in Paris for Bastille Day!! It was meant to rain all day, but didn't!! Folk were out... Continue Reading →

From the front line.

When we plan a walk, we have an overall idea of the route we will take but don't always realise the smaller details. Over the last two days we have deviated from our original course and found ourselves in the... Continue Reading →

Fully preached part 2

This morning we were invited to preach at a church in Arras. I felt like God wanted his Kingdom demonstrated rather than just talked about.... So I stopped preaching and asked if anybody needed healing physically or emotionally etc. A... Continue Reading →

Fully preached

"In mighty signs and wonders by the power of the Spirit of God....I have fully preached the gospel."( Rom 15:19) An unexpected invitatation to preach the gospel came from our hosts last night. They were hosting a team from Korea.... Continue Reading →

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