Brussels to Paris 2016

Thanks for praying

Your prayers, words and encouragements were really important!

It was a privilege to pray for so many French, young and old.

To see broken bones healed

To minister and encourage pastors on the frontline

To see churches challenged and equipped

To stand our ground against the “god of this age”( and twelve attempts to move us on!)and to see the greatest miracle of all – people believing and receiving Jesus!

And the 12 firs time responses to the gospel last Sat 9th at the chateau when Alan shared his testimony! I can’t remember a time when Alan has shared his story and people didn’t get saved!

SO,that’s it for now from us….

We really appreciate all the support and faithful prayer warriors! Trust you are encouraged.

We will continue to walk the land

Ja Masih Ki! (Praise the Lord in Punjabi).

Those who follow the blog will know that we take Luke chapter 10 pretty seriously. Especially the part where it says to carry no purse. The challenge was that we were down to a handful of Euros and been living on toast for a couple of days. We had kept enough money back to get the train for a speaking engagement but that was all.

So this morning we went to a local church, the Church of Faith, Hope and Love. They did not know we were coming, but graciously gave us time to speak to the church. Our testimony of breakthrough in Evangelism was particularly helpful. Afterwards Alan prayed with a small group of people who had a desire to go out on the streets. He prayed for an impartation of faith to see people saved. A few minutes later they were praying with a first time visitor to receive Jesus.

A lovely lady then took us to a Lebanese restaurant for lunch and then drove us to our preaching engagement at the Punjabi church in Paris.

We had a great time with the folk here, with Mike speaking on healing. There were some wonderful instant  healing during and after the meeting. One guy Rajesh was able to bend over and touch his toes after previously being in a lot of pain.

After the meeting we were given money which means we can pay the excess charge to take the cross on the Eurostar, with a little left over.

Ja Masih Ki !!!!!

Is this a joke?

Friday was a long day for us, actually finishing with us climbing into bed at 4 AM Saturday morning. As usual we never do things by halves on these trips.

We wanted to walk towards one of the world’s most iconic landmarks which is around 8.5 km from where we were staying. We set out as usual and after a short while we were in our favourite place in Paris, Republic. The place where people go to protest and Atheism is Lord, but not on our watch. We were concerned that in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice, our literature,” 4 reasons to smile “, would be seen as insensitive. That wasn’t the case, as usual the cross, a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, really upset Atheists.

One guy came over asking,” is this a joke? A parody?” They love a debate in France as long as you listen and they talk. Sadly this university graduate in Archeology said there was no historical evidence for Jesus. Wow!

another guy came over and took our side, he was a university lecturer, told the guy we had every right to be there and that he was being a fool. Meanwhile Alan prayed with a guy for healing.

There were opportunities to pray for the sick

I am no doctor, but I think this guy should have been in hospital. Prayed with him to receive healing in his leg.

We made it to the Eiffel Tower, where we recorded a message for a men’s event at the Brittania Stadium Stoke next year. 

When we got back at 6pm the day was not over. we had been invited to speak at all night prayer vigil. So it was on the train  to Northern Paris to the Church of the resurrection of the Nations.

It kicks off on Bastille day!

We needed a fight, and the Lord threw us straight into the battlefield. 

We walked into Paris armed with nothing but hands full of Gospel tracts and hearts willing to believe God for Miracles.
We passed through Republic square in the morning and were told there would be an anti police demonstration there in the afternoon and evening. We moved on to Notre Dame, where we had a great time sharing the good news.

On our return we passed through Republic again because it was on our way back to where we are staying. It was at this point as we passed through the square and intense spiritual battle broke out. 

Immediately we began to be surrounded by two types of people. Those who were offended and angered by the cross and those who were hungry to know about Jesus. At one point Mike was praying for a guy to receive a new eye in his empty socket, while Alan gently refuted the Atheists who said we had no right to be there. At one point we were surrounded by dozens of people, some enquiring about Jesus, others debating amongst themselves whether we should be allowed to stay. At least 12 different people asked us  to leave, on the basis that the cross was offensive and not in keeping with the wishes of the people gathered there. The more we were asked to leave, the more Mike was determined not to move. “We will go when we are ready.” All the while  many were asking for a tract and asking about Jesus. 

The atmosphere was really intense and intimidating on at least two occasions people deliberately kicked the cross and we were genuinely concerned for our own safety.  All the time we were tag teaming sharing Jesus with people.

As we left Republic, Alan was talking to a half Russian guy called Aurelian. At first he was being difficult and harassing us. We stopped and Alan chatted and then prayed with him. His whole demeanour changed and he became as gentle as a lamb. As Al explained about Jesus, he opened up and prayed to receive Jesus.

We feel we have been in a major spiritual battle and have seen the Breakthrough. We will go out now expecting far more than when we first arrived.

Million to one

Through a crazy chance meeting, God provides Mike and Al with a breast of duck dinner near the Eiffel Tower!

Friends from my ARC days holidaying it in Paris at the same time I’m Crosswalking there… It’s Stephen Croxson!!

Thousands see the cross pass by

First of all we were not meant to be in Paris yet, but felt it important to jump a little ahead to be in Paris for Bastille Day!!

It was meant to rain all day, but didn’t!! Folk were out in the thousands….at Notre dame the cross was raised while Alan prayed with many 

Many gospel tracts given out and Alan prayed for many that their hearts would open to see Jesus!

On our way to Notre dame a young Muslim woman explained that there would be an anti police, pro abortion, anti authority rally right there at the protest square later in the afternoon. So we decided we must pass through the square on our way back! You must check out the next blog

From the front line.

When we plan a walk, we have an overall idea of the route we will take but don’t always realise the smaller details. Over the last two days we have deviated from our original course and found ourselves in the middle of the Somme.  to walk through a battlefield where hundreds of thousands of men died in was a moving experience. We stopped at one cemetery to read the names on the headstones. Over half of the men were unknown, There bodies so disfigured they were unidentifiable. Many more men were missing in action, where literally there were no remains left at all.It is a sombre lesson on the futility of war.

We passed through the village of Pozieres which was completely destroyed almost exactly 100 years ago. We saw that the front line of the battlefield changed just a few miles after several years of fighting.

As we walked with the cross, we came with a proclaimation of hope. Jesus lay down his life and conquered the grave. Jesus is able to transform the hardest of hearts and pour in new life. 

We had opportunities to share the gospel with more people today. The highlight being filmed by an American history profesor and giving a message for his students. The atmosphere is changing a few days ago people were openly hostile, now we are on the receiving end of acts of kindness, from bottles of water to free admission into the museums.

However we are not satisfied with this, as we approach Paris we want to see more people enter into eternal life.We want to win for the lamb the reward of his sacrifice.

Fully preached part 2

This morning we were invited to preach at a church in Arras. I felt like God wanted his Kingdom demonstrated rather than just talked about…. So I stopped preaching and asked if anybody needed healing physically or emotionally etc.

A couple responded, the woman had an operation on her stomach and she was in pain and felt oppressed. And the husband had shoulder joint pain and restricted movement caused by lots of lifting with his job.

Both were healed almost immediately…. And testified to the church straight away!

Many responded to the call to go and release the Kingdom to their community & many others came forward for healing and Infilling of the Holy Spirit. We were both kept busy from the response.

Great morning…. Leaders really blessed!

Fully preached

“In mighty signs and wonders by the power of the Spirit of God….I have fully preached the gospel.”( Rom 15:19)

An unexpected invitatation to preach the gospel came from our hosts last night. They were hosting a team from Korea. And it was the end of a week’s holiday club for local children so they have an end of mission show and demonstrations to invite parents.

We were invited to share about our mission for 5 mins! This was time for Alan’s testimony followed by a call to respond.

First the clown…

Then some musical pieces and taewkondo demonstrations

Then it was Alan!! At the end of sharing his testimony he encouraged those present to pray a prayer similar to the prayer he prayed all those years ago when he surrendered his life to Jesus. On asking if there were any in the audience ( mostly an unbelieving and non churched audience) who prayed with him to receive Jesus, many hands went up in acknowledgement!! THE BREAKTHROUGH IN FRANCE HAS BEGUN! We think there were at least 12 responses from unchurched folk!

A couple who responded received healing prayer before leaving and the wife had improvement in her joints…

This man loved Alan’s story and raised his hand.

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