Channel Islands 2012

To be continued

A last minute quick morning visit to the underground war tunnels got Alan & Mike mistaken for the bus driver & conductor!!! Even though we kept denying it, passengers were still convinced we were and thought we were joking!!! When the real bus driver got on they didn’t believe him and told him to get off! It was as though they would have happily gone anywhere we’d take them!
So once again Vickers & Saunders became the entertainment on the way back!
Later in town we entered a sandwich bar full of joy when the staff member said, ” why are you two so happy”. Mike told her we were pastors from the Uk, so she said, “Ok, SO DO YOU HAVE A MESSAGE FROM GOD FOR ME?”
Wow!!!! What an opportunity!!!! Which Alan took complete advantage of! Another great divine set up!
This is Madalena

It’s been really brilliant crosswalking with Alan Saunders, great unity, powerful agreement & a special partnership!
We have had 5 days of witnessing, have prayed with many unbelievers, seen supernatural provision again and again! The joy of praying with folk to receive the Lord! But also we have laughed so much,I think it has benefited our whole bodies!!!!
Thanks Alan, it’s been a special time for me. It’s been so easy to work with you, a pleasure to have you around!

Lastly, thankyou to everyone who has prayed for this mission! Your prayers have been felt and realised! I never made it to Alderney this time, so there’s a bit of unfinished business here! I will return!
God bless you
( from the trenches of Jersey)

Ministering in Jersey churches

Mike ministering at Elim St Saviour. Great response with many folk encountering God in a fresh way. One lady came up and through her arms around Mike and was so thankful….apparently Mike and Alan met her son on Saturday by the beach and he came to church as a result of that.PTL

And in the evening we swapped, Mike shared testimony and Alan preached at New life Christian fellowship. There was a strong sense of God’s presence, the Spirit was moving and Alan operated in the prophetic.

We are aware and grateful that so much of this is down to your prayers!
A huge thankyou.

Burnt, bitten, blistered & BLESSED

Alan and Mike walked around the west coast of Jersey today.
Once Again God blessed us with food. A Christian family were really encouraged to meet us and blessed us with ham and cheese French sticks!

We did a spontaneous beach mission today! Alan got to pray for a lady to be healed of bad arthritis. We witnessed to folk from different nations including Germany & Holland.



After talking to a bunch of para-gliders,Alan was in pain with his leg. Mike walked back to starting position and Alan thumbed a lift!
While Mike was walking a Hiker over the opposite side of the road struck up a conversation with him. Was’t long before the conversation went deeper so Mike crossed over to him. All the while the chat was happening in the shadow of the cross!! The guy said just before, a thought went through his mind about being conscious of some power or creator & then he saw Mike carrying a cross passed him. He felt someone was trying to get his attention!
When they reached the finish, the Guy agreed to pray with Mike and felt that he had been washed ( his words!!)
Awesome encounter! He left saying,”I’ve just been to church haven’t I ?”
this is Mark.

Later Mike and Al walked some more together and Alan gave a lady called Mary a tract. She was sitting on a wall next to her husband. Later she found us again and told us she had read the tract and then she prayed with Mike in response to the gospel!!!!!! PTL Then she asked for a a bunch of tracts to give to her friends!!! What could be better than immediately become an evangelist!

Preaching twice tomorrow, Elim St Hellier in the morn and New Life in the evening St Brelard
Thanks for praying

Gruelling day but Salvation comes at the eleventh hour

After sleeping ( well, not really sleeping!) out by the beach and in a thunderstorm, Alan and me decided at 5:30am to walk round the town of St Hellier. A bit of early morning witnessing with the cross that ended up in a sandwich bar!
We had an appointment with pastor Steve Taylor of Elim Rock centre in St Saviour. What a relief Al got to shower and eat after a long night!
Steve Taylor has asked us to minister this Sunday morning.PTL

It was a long hilly walk that was next to St Mary. And climbing one steep hill Mike shouted, “I wanna soul…I wanna soul!!!” a cry and a prayer that God heard… Thankyou Lord!


Approaching the finishing line a walls truck driver who had given us a thumb up earlier over the other side of the island, pulled into a garage to talk.
His heart had been so prepared he was ‘fruit ripe for picking’
Whilst praying for him the presence of God was strong and he knew it!!!!
He opened the door of his heart wide to receive the Lord! PTL
Pray for Jose and that follow up is handled well by the church!
Thank you all for praying and BE ENCOURAGED.


Fantastic Provision

I crossed over on the ferry today to Jersey. The plan was to set up the cross the moment I touched down and then make my way to meet Alan from the airport.
On my way to the airport a bloke called Richard came along side on his bike, he worked at the ferry port and had seen me set the cross up!
After a mile or so he invited us to have dinner with him and his wife. Amazing! He lived 2mins from the airport!!!
I couldn’t wait to tell Alan that evening meal was sorted! I’ll let Alan ( pastor from Surrey) tell you the rest.

I was nervous and excited about travelling to Jersey, not knowing what to expect. I didn’t need to worry. God was preparing a way before us. Within 15 minutes of getting of the plane I found myself in the home of Richard and Jill, who served as magnificent meal. Before we left I was able to share with them how God had dramatically intervened in my life, turning me from a life of crime to a follower of Jesus .
We then asked if we could pray for them, so Mike did.
After leaving them at around 8:30pm we proceeded to the main town walking with the cross and witnessing until now! It’s now 11:39pm and we are eyeing up a sheltered bench area on the sea front.
This is a first for Mike in 4 years!!!!
PTL for another great day
Thankyou all for praying



Divine Appointments

Today a museum manager ( German occupation museum) bought me a coffee & cake while I witnessed to him! He was really touched by my cause.

A group of guys outside a pub gave me plenty of mocking as I walked towards them, but later were all shaking my hand after hearing my story! ( sorry no pic)

In St Peter Port a man came up to me. He was a Cruise ship Captain dressed casual and had just come a shore! He saw the cross and had to ask! Captain David Walden is a Christian and was for a moment considering getting me aboard to speak to his passengers! Sadly it was too late, as they were leaving for Falmouth pretty soon. He told me that he would share some of the stories of my journeys with his passengers at their show this evening! Apparently Darna will be singing ( over 50’s will know who she is!!!) Darna’s brother asked for my card to give to her, no jokes pls!!!!!!! Also on board was Lord Carey!
When I arrived back at base tonight the Captain phoned and asked if I would call on a good friend of his on the island!

(above picture) Captain is in the middle and Darna’s brother on left.
(picture below is the ship called “Quest for Adventure”)

Had a fantastic chat with a 16yr old lad called Callum..pls pray for him he got touched today,PTL

Just when I thought it had been random enough today!!! I was about 1 mile from finishing line when a man pulled up, got out of his car and said, ” I have been waiting for something like this!” the man went on to say that he had fixed Arthur Blesset’s cross for him when he came to the island in ’86’
It was like life had stopped still for him after that, and now here it was again!
After witnessing to him I walked up the road laughing to myself and with the Holy Spirit. ( it’s a private joke!)

My article came out in the Guernsey Press today! FRONT PAGE!!!!!PTL

Tomorrow i cross over to Jersey! Where I am joined for the remainder of the mission by Pastor Alan Saunders of Kings church, Epsom. Wow it’s gonna be exciting!!! At this stage we have no arrangements for any provision anywhere on the island! Should be good.


Miracles follow….

This highlight story of today includes a driver stopping, a pro-cyclist, a Gideon lady, a mother & an eight year old boy!
Approaching Vazon a man got out of a parked car and shouted, “Jesus never died on a cross, he died on a stake!”
So I stopped to give him a little history lesson. Whilst talking to him a cyclist came over to shake my hand…”I’ve got the upmost respect for you carrying that in this heat”,he said. Now I’m sharing gospel with the two!
While that’s happening a lady butted in with, “Hello I’m with the Gideon’s!!” now I’m having a three-way conversation! It happens!!!!
Well, that all went quite well, I was glad for the opportunity.
Gillian the Gideon asked if she could walk a little way with me, so we walked together for a few hundred metres before Gillian left me at her turning.
Completely unaware of a mother rushing off the Beach to speak to me, I sped off up the road!
Later in a text from Gillian I found out that this woman was too late getting to me but told Gillian she just felt she needed to talk to the man with the cross but didn’t know why!
She relayed to Gillian that earlier when arriving at the beach car park her 8 yr old boy shouted out in the back of the car, “HAVE YOU SEEN MIKE….HAVE YOU SEEN MIKE?”
This was very odd!! Because when she asked her son about it, he neither knew who Mike was or why he even said it!
So, when Gillian told the mother that the cross man’s name is Mike!!! She was freaked!
From this incident the woman was completely open to Jesus and has agreed to accompany Gillian on an Alpha course!
Why shouldn’t God sovereignly put my name on a 8yr old’s tongue and cause him to speak it out…. Just before I was about to come past???!!!!!!!
Remember the sign? ‘Regeneration for a new generation’. I know these things happen behind me as I walk on, but it’s nice to hear one or two of them.

Prayed with some folk along the way today and had photo & interview with the Guernsey press.

Thankyou for praying!

Carnival day at St Peter port

Arriving at Guernsey airport Saturday, I was met with this sign!

This is exactly what God is doing!!!!
Today I met some young people who all took gospel tracts but were not stopping to chat. Later on I saw the same group walking in front of me and one young guy was reading the tract at the back of the pack!
After seeing me again they stopped to ask what it’s all about…Wow! What a great opportunity and so receptive! The lad in green told me that he’d read the whole thing! “good n it?” he said

It was carnival day in Town, which was brilliant! Loads of people out in the sunshine! PTL
So it’s been a good start today, great visibility for the cross! Good conversations and many tracts taken.


Before leaving town a small child pointed to the cross and said, “what’s that mum?”. The mum pulled the child away saying she didn’t know! Happens a lot. She may have been telling the truth, of course, but it still makes me sad all the same.

Praise God for Chris & Pat who have decided to put up with me til Thursday morning!! This is great provision


Pastor’s Comment

Hi Mike

Thank you so much for your ministry in our church this morning. We really appreciated your anointed, clear, winsome and wise teaching and the careful way that you brought it, mindful of the different mix of people we had present. I thank God for sending you our way and pray His richest blessing on your walk this week.

As Chairman of the Guernsey Evangelical Alliance I am also happy to recommend your work and ministry to our members and to other leaders in the Body of Christ.

Eric Gaudion
Senior Pastor
Elim Pentecostal Church
St Peter Port

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