Crete 2016

huge response

All because two Christians were looking out of a restaurant in the right direction yesterday and saw us two walking with the cross, we ended up at this church today…..a 300 strong spirit filled church!

The pastor’s wife knew we were coming so they had already planned to give us a few minutes to share about our mission….. 

But that was never gonna work…..we were fired up and ready!

So needless to say, the pastor never got back on the platform..except at the very end to thank God for bringing us from England…

Instead this happened 

Alan reckons about 200 came forward for healing…and many testified of receiving Gods power and pain gone. 

  It took a while to minister to everyone, many knocked off their feet by the Holy Spirit and Alan found time in there somewhere to LEAD THE PASTOR’S MUM TO THE LORD!!!! Come on Jesus.
After a lovely traditional Greek meal we were then asked to do a session with their Evangelism team. 

What a day! And the latest on my luggage is, Norwegian airlines have lost my bag again!!!


Entering Iraklion

At 9am we made our way up hill from a costal village for a last jaunt to Iraklion.

At the top Mike prayed for a fella who had fallen 20ft and injured his spine.  

 Then it was back on the main road and the city of Iraklion in our sites… 

 On the outskirts of the city Alan needed the toilet, so he used the toilet in a sex shop….after sharing the gospel with the owner first!! ( of course )


Now, on approaching this city we had no contact,church or place to say! But thanks to Almighty God!! He did it again! Let me explain, two men chased us down a street who saw the cross go passed the restaurant they were sat in. They happened to be Christians and immediately invited us back to the restaurant. The owner learnt of our plight and sent free food and drinks to our table. After a chat the pastor’s wife was called and she turned up! Now we have been invited to their church tomorrow morning!

Pls pray for a fruitful day of ministry tomorrow….thanks everyone.


Steep hills & mountain village

Getting better at the hills now! 

  Our day started with a steep ascent to a busy village.

Alan felt strong that these people had been denied the gospel for generations!

Here he is talking to a cafe owner 

 He began by answering a question… What is the difference between  Greek orthodox & other Christian faiths? and then really got to work on sharing the cross and resurrection with her.

She was really under conviction and that’s how we left her, she also agreed to receive a bunch of tracts for others in the village.


They also gave us lots of fruit…..Alan could open a grocers! 


 Big thank you to Matt & Janna for all their kindness and two nights at their 5star!! 

 we will probably dream of hills tonight! 




Procession through Rethimno

After some crazy walking, we were in time to encourage some Christians from different churches meeting together in Rethimno. 

 And afterwards, 30 people agreed to accompany the cross into the town!

George ( one of the pastors) told us that this unified effort was unprecedented for churches in Rethimno and kept thanking us for coming this is George & his wife.

 As usual we couldn’t resist having a say in the way to do it!!! Alan has posted a video already….a procession, musicians at the front , then the cross and worshippers & witnesses at the back.

I had a great opportunity to share with some young people 

 And Alan chatted to a guy who believed in God but didn’t believe Jesus was the son of God. Alan then prayed that Jesus would be revealed to him….. 
 Amazing….it happened right there! 

 Then George led him through to Jesus!!!!
Great night!

epic walking

How did we get up here!! 


‘Divine exchange’

This is George and he is the owner of this coffee shop 

He and the lady in this pic were interested to find out what we were doing with a large cross!!

It was about time we stopped for lunch anyway….and out came drinks on the house followed by two large baguettes with ham & cheese from George the owner. I love this!!!

God said to Abraham, “those who bless you I will bless!” Always when someone gives to us or provides food etc it opens up a way for God to move in their lives!

The lady in the pic spoke perfect English!!! ( what a surprise!!!) so through her I began to share the gospel. It was very special and no too long before George was ready to pray and receive Jesus!! After George had prayed the woman seemed to have disappeared….not literally ( I think!!!) but she was just gone!  It was job done I suppose! Funny that…

George then posted on face book about our visit and the pastor from last night’s meeting was amazed! He is his friend and had seen the post on Facebook. He was blown away that his mate had just come through to Christ….just like that!

Don’t need to worry about ‘follow up’ for George then!

Lots of walking again up hills today….breathtaking views! 

We are staying tonight with a great couple called Matt & Janna….

My clothes are being washed as I Write! Come on Jesus!!!!!

follow the Cross follow up

We often get asked, “but what happens to people who pray with you to receive Christ?”

And this next story is becoming a trend!

Firstly though,Alan prayed with an elderly gentleman in a mobility scooter today. The man prayed the sinners prayer which was great but Alan felt it was more a great seed sown than anything else.

So this was followed by a good first days walk up hill to ┬áKalyves. A guy from last nights meeting called John ( who’s become a support to us all day) met us at the top with a six bottle pack of water!

Around 6:45pm it was time to find the meeting room for another impromptu time of ministry ( of course!). We were only 100yrds away when passing a bar with lots of young people made us stop. A guy called Terry ( from Coventry) came to enquire. He told me how years ago he got invited to a prayer meeting and after had some dreams & visions which at the time made him think. I shared the gospel with him, it was a moment right there! And Terry prayed with me to receive Jesus!!!!

Amazingly then Terry followed us up the hill to the meeting and here is in the meeting

Terry was a professional classical guitarist and after the meeting started teaching a member of the worship team!!! I love it!

Tonight Alan and I have been put up in an apartment by the church, praise God!
Oh yeah, nearly got, we’ve heard from Norwegian airlines! My bag has been found in Copenhagen and they will to get it here by next Saturday!! Yikes!

Less is more

I’ve been saying for a while that God wants to take me to a higher level of dependance!!
So the Crete cross walk is looking very interesting… No wallets no cash or plastic and this time even my rucksack was not on the aircraft on arrival….So only the clothes I’m standing in!! Also just had to part with my contact lenses! and no replacements.
BUT I have got amazing peace… (Phil 4:13)
We are expecting great things on this mission!

Flying by the seat of our pants. (or not).

It was a long days travelling for Mike, Leaving North West England at 2AM to catch a flight from Gatwick to Chania via Copenhagen.


We saw the cross go on in Copenhagen, so we’re confident everything would get her okay. However when we arrived Alan’s luggage and the cross arrived safely, but no luggage for Mike. Despite the obvious humour of Mike not having a change of clothes, this is a serious issue as there are other important things in his luggage. we can laugh, but we are also aware that we are in a serious spiritual battle, as there are other areas where we under attack. Please  pray Mike gets his luggage as soon as possible.

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