Crete 2016

huge response

All because two Christians were looking out of a restaurant in the right direction yesterday and saw us two walking with the cross, we ended up at this church today.....a 300 strong spirit filled church!   The pastor's wife knew... Continue Reading →

Entering Iraklion

At 9am we made our way up hill from a costal village for a last jaunt to Iraklion. At the top Mike prayed for a fella who had fallen 20ft and injured his spine.    Then it was back on... Continue Reading →

Steep hills & mountain village

Getting better at the hills now!    Our day started with a steep ascent to a busy village. Alan felt strong that these people had been denied the gospel for generations! Here he is talking to a cafe owner   He began... Continue Reading →

Procession through Rethimno

After some crazy walking, we were in time to encourage some Christians from different churches meeting together in Rethimno.   And afterwards, 30 people agreed to accompany the cross into the town! George ( one of the pastors) told us that... Continue Reading →

epic walking

How did we get up here!!        

‘Divine exchange’

This is George and he is the owner of this coffee shop    He and the lady in this pic were interested to find out what we were doing with a large cross!! It was about time we stopped for... Continue Reading →

follow the Cross follow up

We often get asked, "but what happens to people who pray with you to receive Christ?" And this next story is becoming a trend! Firstly though,Alan prayed with an elderly gentleman in a mobility scooter today. The man prayed the... Continue Reading →

Less is more

I've been saying for a while that God wants to take me to a higher level of dependance!! So the Crete cross walk is looking very interesting... No wallets no cash or plastic and this time even my rucksack was... Continue Reading →

Flying by the seat of our pants. (or not).

It was a long days travelling for Mike, Leaving North West England at 2AM to catch a flight from Gatwick to Chania via Copenhagen. We saw the cross go on in Copenhagen, so we're confident everything would get her okay.... Continue Reading →

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