Croatia 2015

Fresh Fire

After lasts nights encounter with God it was extra easy to minister this morning.....and then many received Holy Spirit fire at the end!More healing after that including one lady who received prayer, she was having like distorted vision...immediately said she... Continue Reading →

Time to receive

Bill Johnson sent his team from Bethel to minister to me in Zagreb tonight, before I go home to the UK.....As if !!!  Whilst hiding upstairs in the balcony a very annointed Young lady from Bethel found me and gave me... Continue Reading →

a new phenomena

because of social media, we are now receiving more and more responses from people who were impacted by this strange sight..... ' man passing by carry with a large wooden cross and receiving a yellow tract!!Here's another example of that... Continue Reading →

new testimony

Mike when I shared a link on facebook with you one chatolic girlfriend on my facebook (i just met her few months ago).. She wrote me in the comment that she met you on the street in Osijek just before... Continue Reading →

Not over yet

just found out I'mPreaching in two churches tomorrow in Zagreb!And as a real treat.... A team from Bethel ( Redding California) are ministering in a Baptist church in Zagreb tonight..... What was the chances of that!! Looking forward to it.....  

12 mile walk & 3 meetings

after arriving in Darda, Branco was sent to meet me and lead me to their usual drill, from the path to the pulpit!  Checkout the shadow!I was taken to a Roma church, a new church plant in a tiny building.....made... Continue Reading →

Thank God for pastor’s daughters

This is Elizabeti She gave me this word..... "Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these... Continue Reading →

Go with the flow 

I thought I was walking today from Vukovar towards Darda, where I will be speaking at a a Roma church.But Elizabeth ( pastor' daughter) said I must go with her back to Osijek and walk from there to Darda! Who... Continue Reading →

A city of weeping

lots of walking the line yesterday, but it gave me opportunity to pray for the town I was heading towards. A war torn town,  devastated by massacre in 1991+. Known as the valley of weeping. Like the valley of Baca... Continue Reading →

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