Cyprus 2015

Encouraging the prayer warriors

Yesterday we left ‘The old Monastery’ North Cyprus but not before encouraging the faithful intercessors.

They were eager to hear our testimonies and what the Lord was saying to them. 

We shared crosswalk stories with them including Al’s recent visit to Malta. They had been sharing how they had prayed for Malta but it was tough and hard! Al then shared how it was the easiest place he’d seen to get people saved….27 people in 6 days!! They were astounded.

The breakthrough in Malta came a couple of months ago with the Catholic Bishop getting saved, then preaching the gospel resulting in hundreds of conversions!! Not long after Alan touched down on Maltese soil….come on!!!!  

I had the best night sleep ever at this prayer base! Really special presence of God! And the prophetic prayer for us before we left was amazing! If you have followed our travels for a while you’d know this is not the first time God has dropped us in the midst of specially selected intercessors!!!we are returning with prophetic recordings….. 

  He knows!!

We are now back in Paphos with one last day for thanksgiving and strategic planning for 2016.

Thank you to all who have prayed and encouraged us to go on and continue ‘to win for the Lamb the reward of His sacrifice.

Business as usual

We were told it could be dangerous, but it was business as usual!

A few days ago we had no means to get to the north and then God provided a car with a full tank of fuel, we had no accommodation in the north and God through a divine meeting with a German brother opened up a contact with a prayer house in Lapta. We had no Turkish gospel tracts but an American who has planted churches in Turkey gave us a bunch. We had recently been refused entry with the cross but now Alan & I were walking freely down streets of Turkish controlled Cyprus!!

At first a lot of shocked faces as we began our walk carry the cross past many barber shops and men’s rooms ( cafe bars).

And then a men’s room full of young guys…invited us in and gave us free coffee.

Alan quickly gave out most of our Turkish tracts…. Some read the whole thing! 

Can you believe this young guy had seen Alan & me walking through Poland two years ago??!!!!!! We are in a Muslim village in the middle of Northern Cyprus….what was the chances!!! This is Baris 

What a privilege to place the gospel into the hands of these Muslim lads! 


The Old Monastery

At an outpost for the Kingdom, in the Islamic part of Cyprus, getting ready to launch an advance! 


More young men open up, Holy Spirit baptism & refused entry into Turkish controlled Cyprus

One of the biggest privileges this time for me has been giving time to young blokes, not rushing on but sitting discussing, explaining & debating Christ and His Gospel.

Many of the young guys we have spoken to eventually open up to us emotionally because the Spirit of God breaks through arguments and touches hearts! That is how it was for this young man Andréas. After voicing his objections God moved! While Alan prayed the lad put his head on Alan’s shoulder!! Quality time! 

Today we visited the church’s refugee station…Matt 25 project. As I was praying for a refugee, a young guy next to me called Jason got hit with the presence of God causing him to bend right over….he got filled with the Spirit….. Good job to!! He shared later how he had been hard & nowhere with the Lord. Not anymore!!! 

The pastor’s wife shared how she had been struggling to sleep for a while. The Holy Spirit spilled over on her too! Fun time!

To bring you up to date, we have been given a car for 2 days!! So immediately we drove to Nicosia on the border ( 100miles north). We set up the cross and walked around the city doing our thing.

And then we entered the green zone walking towards the Turkish controlled border control. The officers faces were a picture when they saw the cross coming!

Lots of talking between themselves before telling us, “you can’t bring the cross in, it’s the rules.”

Walking through the green zone…. 

We have a Christian sister picking us up tomorrow and taking us to a monastery in the north…. The cross is definitely coming with!!!

Psychic power is no match for the Holy Spirit’s power


Today in “Paphos near the mall, we were introduced by our host to a woman, who we later realised had psychic power to read minds…and she could!! She asked us how we knew when God was speaking to us? Al and I told story’s about hearing from God which she tried to discredit and reason them away. Alan took a lot of abuse from her that made me really mad!! Nevertheless Alan handled himself brilliant even when she told him that he had ‘ no integrity!’

We were getting no where she buffered everything we shared, and when we recalled ‘words of knowledge’ we had for people, she suggested we were psychic! She is an English teacher and great talker, and she believed she was a Christian!!.

It’s not smart carry on a conversation with a demonically inspired soul… Bless her so thank God for the Holy Spirit.

As I looked at her I saw in the spirit a Celtic crown on her head a symbol of pagan authority.

I told her what I had seen which seemed to stop her in her tracks….she looked at our host and asked him if he had told us about her! He assured her that he hadn’t, after all we had only just met.

After a while she admitted that 15 yrs ago someone had performed some pagan ceremony over her and had put this power on her and she realised she could read minds but left her with headaches and felt like there was a metal clamp over the crown of her head that at times felt like it was being tightened.

She asked our host two more times if he had told us info about her!! He got a bit shirty with her!!

Now at this point, the demon in her tried all kinds of tricks to stay and be concealed!! She even suggested that this special gift was good and helped in her job!! So I said, ” OK , you keep it then and put up with the headaches!”

However the woman became too convinced that we spoke the truth. She later said “I know you have authority and can remove this from my life!”

I explained that I wasn’t prepared to pray etc until she was willing to repent/ renounce and place her life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ!

Alan & our host had now walked off a little distance and got interceding….

When we first met her she was eating us up for dinner….humiliating us and belittling!

And now I am witnessing her renouncing Satan, confessing and renouncing psychic power and placing her trust in the cross of Jesus and making Him Lord of her life!!!!!!!!

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ we sent that lying thing packing!

Alan & Paul noticed straight away that her complexion was changed! She was free!

This happened in Paphos….. Check out Acts 13

Thanks for praying everyone

At PCFI meeting in a former brothel


Tag team preach and then hands on, lots of healing/ deliverance prayer!
A guy of about 36 away from the Lord (pastor’s son) got really stirred during the message decided enough is enough… Time to leave the pigs pen and come home to Father’s house. PTL

Al put on his pastor’s hat and got stuck in with the folk!! Great morning!

Salvation at Saint Paul’s pillar.

It’s been a hectic few days as we walked in and then out again of Limassol and then on to Paphos. 


firstly we were ambushed by a car load of Lebanese boxers who were here for training camp.


They really appreciated us praying with them.
As we were leaving Limassol we were chased down the road by a Polish guy called Roman who wanted to know what it’s all about . It’s a great seed sown in his life.


While we stopped for lunch we borrowed the wifi from the local betting shop. We shared with the young guy working there, Marius, who wanted extra gospel tracts for all his customers. 


By the evening we were in the middle of nowhere,  We got picked up by a couple of curious Ministry of Defence policeman, who picked us up and found us accommodation for the night.


Saturday morning we were up early to be greeted by a spectacular thunderstorm.  we got soaked through but by the time we reached Paphos the sun was out and we began to dry out.
The highlight of the day was meeting a guy called Nicolas just a few feet away from where the Apostle Paul  was supposedly whipped and beaten. As Mike walked ahead, Alan and Nicolas got into a conversation.  It soon became obvious that God was opening his heart. As Mike walked back. They were praying together for him to receive the saviour.



Tomorrow we will ministering in Paphos,  we believe the Holy Spirit has much more for this week.

Sewing & Reaping

Al said he thought he’d never see the day!!! Is that Mike making alterations to the cross bag?!! 

On the road to Limossol today…Alan prayed for a lady from Kiev who had recently lost her son in the recent conflict… 

Mike led a council worker to the Lord 

And later on the outskirts of Limossol, a rather hungry Mike & Al received amazing provision….first with some pastries from taxi drivers, then later exhausted & hungry and with not enough money for a proper meal. A man from a bar spotted the cross and asked if we were collecting for charity, we said no and explained the purpose, but he treated us to a dinner anyway!! Also he gave us 50 euros, which means a meal and a bed to us pilgrims! This is Dennis from N.Z.

 One again I want to boast about God’s provision….thank you Lord!!

This pretty much sums up tonight


The owners banquet 

Still in Larnaca this evening! Incidentally, intellectual objections to the gospel are not intellectual….they are actually emotional!! And after an hour of more reasoning & explaining with these guys, Orthodox ( tall one and that’s actually his name! which I think is significant!!) prayed with us to receive Christ…… Come on!!!!!!

And on the way back to the hotel, Alan and me were joking about how maybe there would be a welcome party waiting for us. Bringing the cross into the hotel got the owners attention who then invited us as his special guests to his banqueting table!  

 just boasting about God’s provision!!

I think God was saying, “Look lads I know you haven’t got enough money for anymore accommodation but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!”

Setting off towards Limossol tomorrow…

Thanks for you prayers

Mike & Al

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