Cyprus 2015

Encouraging the prayer warriors

Yesterday we left 'The old Monastery' North Cyprus but not before encouraging the faithful intercessors. They were eager to hear our testimonies and what the Lord was saying to them.      We shared crosswalk stories with them including Al's recent... Continue Reading →

Business as usual

We were told it could be dangerous, but it was business as usual! A few days ago we had no means to get to the north and then God provided a car with a full tank of fuel, we had... Continue Reading →

The Old Monastery

At an outpost for the Kingdom, in the Islamic part of Cyprus, getting ready to launch an advance!   

More young men open up, Holy Spirit baptism & refused entry into Turkish controlled Cyprus

One of the biggest privileges this time for me has been giving time to young blokes, not rushing on but sitting discussing, explaining & debating Christ and His Gospel. Many of the young guys we have spoken to eventually open... Continue Reading →

Psychic power is no match for the Holy Spirit’s power

POWER ENCOUNTER! Today in “Paphos near the mall, we were introduced by our host to a woman, who we later realised had psychic power to read minds…and she could!! She asked us how we knew when God was speaking to... Continue Reading →

At PCFI meeting in a former brothel

       Tag team preach and then hands on, lots of healing/ deliverance prayer! A guy of about 36 away from the Lord (pastor's son) got really stirred during the message decided enough is enough... Time to leave the pigs... Continue Reading →

Salvation at Saint Paul’s pillar.

It's been a hectic few days as we walked in and then out again of Limassol and then on to Paphos.  firstly we were ambushed by a car load of Lebanese boxers who were here for training camp. They really... Continue Reading →

Sewing & Reaping

Al said he thought he'd never see the day!!! Is that Mike making alterations to the cross bag?!!    On the road to Limossol today...Alan prayed for a lady from Kiev who had recently lost her son in the recent... Continue Reading →

The owners banquet 

Still in Larnaca this evening! Incidentally, intellectual objections to the gospel are not intellectual....they are actually emotional!! And after an hour of more reasoning & explaining with these guys, Orthodox ( tall one and that's actually his name! which I... Continue Reading →

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