Devon 2015

Pilgrim fathers

Bob set the record today and actually walked a longer distance than Alan by a couple of hundred yards. Today was about making it to the finish line in Plymouth. It seemed as we came down through Plympton people were much more open and we had lots of good chats with folk.




I prayed with a guy called Steve in Plymouth.  We are waiting on a phone call about church tomorrow, so keep praying. We still feel there is some unfinished business.

A time to receive.

The plan was to walk through Totnes and on to Ivybridge today. We had been put in touch with Market place ministries a prophetic community that ministers into the new age scene in Totnes. So we thought we would pop in, say hi and maybe have a cup of tea.
Little did we realise that the Holy Spirit had other ideas. Two and half hours later we emerged having received prayer and lots of prophetic words. wisely Bob recorded them so we could review and prayer into them when we returned home. God spoke powerfully and much of what was said was spot on.


Lindy Strong and the team at Market place ministries.
This was no detour it was a time of much needed input and ministry. Thank you Jesus!
Then it was on into Totnes and beyond.  Totnes is apparently the New age capital of England  and it showed. I had a few conversations with people who were clearly demonised.  Who would have thought in such a beautiful and idyllic town?


Tomorrow we head towards Plymouth and we are expecting great things. We would love to hook up with a church in Plymouth.  If you know of one get in touch.

Redemptive Acts

In June 1989 my wife’s father Michael was found hanging in the public toilets in Paignton Devon. The coroner returned the verdict of suicide. 26 years later I found myself walking from Torquay to Brixham via Paignton.


In the morning Sarah my wife sent me a message redemptive acts. I didn’t need to be told anymore. The first good news was that Bob was able to stay. because of prayer and antibiotics his wife Anne recovered enough for him not to return home. If he wasn’t with me today I would have taken a completely different route. In the morning we met Mike originally from Ebbw Vale South Wales. I asked him if he was married and the Holy Spirit opened him up. Bob and I prayed with him before we left.


In the afternoon there was a long climb out of Paignton on the road to Brixham. to save a little time we cut through on to a back road. A car drew up alongside the Driver clearly wanted to talk, however there were cars queueing behind and we were blocking the traffic. Carl, the driver, said he would go up the road and park so we could talk. He was clearly agitated, when we caught up with him, he was reading the literature we had given him. He explained that he was stressed out and at his wits end. He saw the cross and explained that he wanted to go to church to take communion but felt unworthy. As we talked he revealed that he had gone AWOL recently and was struggling with strong feelings of suicide. He had a noose in the boot of his car ready to do the deed. We shared Jesus with him, and there at roadside Carl prayed to receive Jesus Christ.


This is Carl with his new brother Alan. Thank you all who pray. Today was breakthrough day

God always comes through for us.

I remember the first time I went on a crosswalk.  I was assured friend Mike Vickers that God always provides and that he had never had to spend a night in the open air. That night we spent the night in a shelter very similar to this.


There was a thunderstorm but we didn’t get wet. I told Mike he had tricked me , he told me it was my fault because it had never happened before. We laughed so hard.
Thankfully I have never been in that position since. One way or another God always worked it out.
Although we travelled down to Devon with a caravan in tow. I hadn’t needed it as God had graciously provided a home for me to stay each night.
But circumstances change. Bob’s wife Anne was taken ill today and he made the decision to return to London tomorrow.  I know the feeling as I had to return early mid trip in Croatia earlier this year.
Obviously I always had the fallback of staying in a caravan but now that safety net has been removed.
please pray for healing and peace for Anne.
The last few days had been quiet in terms of the quality of conversations I had with people.  Newton Abbot was particularly difficult.  no one would talk or take a tract until we had almost left town.


However there were major road works on the road to Torquay.  I added to the delays as several big tipper truck drivers stopped the traffic in the middle of the road to talk and receive a gospel tract. My experience has been truck drivers and builders are my most receptive audience.
I have lost my mate for a short while but Jesus walks close by. Every step I take is taking ground for the kingdom.  I know by faith and experience a major blessing is just round the corner.  Watch this space.

Shine on Harvest Moon.

Having driven down from London, Bob and I arrived in Exmouth around 7:30 pm Sunday evening.  We were given a warm welcome and delicious hot dinner provided by our hosts Alf and Cilla Ritchie.  After a good night’s sleep we set off for Exmouth seafront and town centre.
Over night many people got up to see the lunar eclipse /harvest moon. The boys slept through it. However Alan and Sarah had been praying beforehand that we they would see an abundant harvest.


photo of last night’s harvest moon by Ron Markie.

Only one problem, having the luxury of a support vehicle, Alan packed extra, except he forgot one significant piece of equipment.  He had left his walking boots at home!
The first leg into Exmouth Alan walked in his preaching shoes. The weather was perfect for walking sunny but not too hot. Alan and Bob had several opportunities to talk with people around town, but it appeared to be a low key morning.


Bob ( wearing the hat) talking to people near the sea front.
As it approached midday we decided to stop at the local Costa for refreshment.  Here we met two ladies who had been looking for people to share Jesus with using prophetic evangelism, (treasure hunting ).


They were feeling a little discouraged as it had been a quiet morning and they hadn’t seen much happen,  We sat and chatted for a while, Alan encouraging them to persevere and go out consistently.  As they parted company an elderly lady called Jean who was with her husband Brian, called us to her table.  She had seen us with the cross and wanted to know if we were collecting for Charity. Alan began to share the good news of Jesus and Jean began to Remember Bible verses from when she went to Sunday school over 70 years ago. we talked about the difference between knowing about Jesus in your head and experiencing him in your heart. Brian , her husband,  made his excuses and popped into Boots the chemist.
While he was gone Jean prayed to receive Jesus Christ and Alan prayed with her that the Holy Spirit would seal the deal.


We returned to our overnight hosts to have lunch and share the good news of what had happened. 
In the afternoon We travelled into Exeter managed to get a new pair of boots and then drove back to drop him on the road to continue the walk properly shod.

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