European Walks

“To me, to you, to me”j

After our adventures the previous evening, where we had to change hotels after flooding the room below us, you would hope that things would be a little more sensible today. For most of the time it was and then something... Continue Reading →


Rendezvous Kutaisi

The boys are back in business! Ben and Alan caught a late train last night to Kutaisi, with one of the cheapest fares of all time. One Lari, which is about 35pence. Alan even argued with them that it can't... Continue Reading →

Blown off course.

We walked out of Tbilisi this morning with the sun shining and people in a receptive mood. After only a few hours we met George,who had come to faith in Jesus through reading the Bible. He had never been to... Continue Reading →

Going National.

The boys have finally arrived in Vilnius, after an epic journey in high temperatures, we made it to Lithuania's capital city. We had to do the last bit by train, as there were people here waiting for us. We met... Continue Reading →

Medication to dedication.

Today in Kaunas .began and ended with thunder, lightning and heavy rain, but somehow the boys managed to keep dry. When the heavens opened we took shelter in mamas pizza. The owner and one of his mates had been drinking... Continue Reading →

Expect the unexpected.

It's often true in life that we never know what's around the corner, this is even more so on a crosswalk. Today we were in Siauliai, Lithuania's 4th largest city. As we arrived we could see a market being set... Continue Reading →

2 Teenage lads believe on Jesus

We got looked after today by Pastor Romas and Loretta in TelÅ¡iai. We had a great time of fellowship with them over breakfast and Mike shared a prophetic word which resulted in tears.... It was hard on the streets today,... Continue Reading →

Alan, “keep your mirage moments to yourself.”

The mercury has continued to rise, making our walking from village to village quite demanding. Although we always carry plenty of water, in this temperature we were keenly aware that we always needed more. Almost everytime we saw a building... Continue Reading →

Eating with sinners.

We had another exciting Holy Spirit encounter today, where we just made ourselves available for God to speak through us to those he is drawing to himself. Firstly we had a pancake breakfast with Pastor Saulius and his family, we... Continue Reading →

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