Georgia 2018

A rainy night in Georgia

For the last two nights it has rained overnight, making it much cooler for walking in the day, for which we are thankful. The miles have taken their toll, Alan and Ben have felt the pace but Mike strides on... Continue Reading →


Rendezvous Kutaisi

The boys are back in business! Ben and Alan caught a late train last night to Kutaisi, with one of the cheapest fares of all time. One Lari, which is about 35pence. Alan even argued with them that it can't... Continue Reading →

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, I now know Jesus!”

It's been a challenging couple of days. Mike had to speak at funeral in England, and in order to get to the airport hitched a lift on a newspaper delivery van for 3 hours. Ben and Alan were left to... Continue Reading →

A woman at the well.

It was another physically challenging day today,with hot weather and long distances both taking their toll on our bodies. We walked over 8 km in the early morning before we stopped for breakfast at a roadside bakery. These bakeries have... Continue Reading →

Running on pure Holy Spirit

Well, Ben and me met Alan at Heathrow at 2pm yesterday, got to Istanbul by 11pm. filmed a short video message at midnight for baptism service back home. Arrived in Tbilisi Georgia at 5:40am local time. Got to Church digs... Continue Reading →

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