Gibraltar to Malaga 2013

The sign of the cross

I arrived home safely Friday night after being met at London City Airport by my son Matthew. Between us we succesfully negotiated the rush hour crowds on the London underground with the cross safely packed in it's travel bag. It... Continue Reading →

The poor receive good news (and the rich).

What a day of contrasts. It was clear from the outset that Spain has been hit hard by the recession. On many occassions I have met people begging in the streets and travelling light I have shared what I have... Continue Reading →

Waves of mercy

great day and sadly the penultimate one of this trip. I actually slept in someone's house for the one and only time on this trip and what a blessing it was staying with Mick (Dundee) and his lovely wife Edith.... Continue Reading →


Today was an excellent day which began by me being joined for breakfast by Kurt the pastor of the wave in Peurto Banus Marbella. We had a great time of fellowship leaving me feeling really encouraged. We were then joined... Continue Reading →

Ministering Angels.

While on this particular walk I have been reading the book of Hebrews. Tomorrow I get to chapter 11, that will stir me up. However right at the beginning the writer emphasizes how Jesus among other things is superior to... Continue Reading →


What a day. I haven't had so much excitement in a long time. I do remember someone making the comment"reading your blog is like reading the book of Acts." Which at the time was quite exciting. Today brought a unique... Continue Reading →

I will make you fishers of men

What a tough but excellent day. Today was physically demanding as I pushed on into Spain it was uphill to midafternoon and although it is winter I was feeling the heat. I managed to collect the Spanish tracts from a... Continue Reading →

Make way for the cross.

When I first became a Christian back in the 80's Graham Kendrick and march for Jesus were very popular. I seem to recall he brought out an album called Make way for the cross. Well it seems to me that... Continue Reading →

Overcoming obstacles.

Well, I have arrived in Gibraltar and what an interesting part of the world this is. I woke early this morning and was given a lift to the airport by my good friend Peter Clark from the Kings church Epsom.... Continue Reading →

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