Hungary 2014

Made it

We made it to Budapest! First we hit the huge river that separates the city... And I prayed on the bridge what my wife gave me a few days ago!! ( John 10;16. I didn't forget Sarah) Second, we got... Continue Reading →

Pounding the Tarmac

A lot of walking today....some 35km on our approach to the City. Dá vid was doing most of the chat today!! What do you know....a cross stand!!! Go on Dáv! We are out 8km out of the centre of Budapest...can't... Continue Reading →

crowded Altar

The pastors of a large church in Budapest...600 members were debating whether to give me 5mins to share or not. One leader had already put our cross in the side room out of site! Then God brought change of mind...... Continue Reading →

household saved

So the church meeting we were not going to minister at, the leaders changed their mind and put me on! Dávid is doing a great job with the interpretation,,,,, it's very hard concentrating but he's obviously doing well!! After ministering... Continue Reading →

Expect the unexpected

Arrived at Szolnok at around 4pm today after a much shorter walk...25km and was met by a pastor of Agape church. He told us that they have their main service tomorrow but their apostle is preaching...."but we would like you... Continue Reading →

Page out of Acts

Today's walk was 36km into Törökszentmiklós. I'm writing this quick so won't do it justice! Today included: •a fruit & veg man doing a massive 'U' turn in his thinking. •two prostitutes on the roadside heard how special they are... Continue Reading →

Drug dealers leg it

Forgot to mention. The leader of the Gypsy church took us back to his home straight after for a meal. As we turned the corner into his road with the cross, a group of drug dealers looked stunned! Two of... Continue Reading →

Heating up

Builders staying at the same diggs as us were discussing the message from the smile tracts this morning over breakfast!! A member of staff called Laslo prayed with me to receive The Lord after a long chat! ( just brilliant!)... Continue Reading →

Mud on your face!

Well, we're pretty sure that the manager of a panzio ( economy inn) received salvation this morning! Whilst explaining the gospel last night & this morning she told us before we left that she wanted to receive the greatest gift....come... Continue Reading →

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