Hungary 2014

Made it

We made it to Budapest!
First we hit the huge river that separates the city… And I prayed on the bridge what my wife gave me a few days ago!! ( John 10;16. I didn’t forget Sarah)

Second, we got to Hero’s square

Then we gave out hundreds of gospel tracts and talked to people….and some quality conversations!
Watch this

First the cross stands alone, then

A young woman reading the smile tract, then

Dávid explains the gospel to her…then

A young man joins the conversation…and Dávid shares his testimony and ends with a very definate SEED sown.
The last of the smile tracts handed out outside Budapest train station



Mike shared the gospel with a taxi driver who asked him what heaven was like!

So.. thank you to everyone who has prayed…you know who you are..
Thank you to Dávid who’s been brilliant!!!! And a great travelling partner. I know he has been impacted greatly on this trip….and to whom much is given, much is expected…”

And thank you God for all that you’ve allowed us to see….and of course for the many things we didn’t see, but one day…….!! Thank you Lord, for your great protection especially on the 4 road…a few near misses, angels had plenty to do!

“I think I’ll go home now”

Here’s 1 or 2 more pics




Pounding the Tarmac

A lot of walking today….some 35km on our approach to the City.
Dá vid was doing most of the chat today!!


What do you know….a cross stand!!!


Go on Dáv!
We are out 8km out of the centre of Budapest…can’t believe we are here!
Tomorrow is gonna be a great finish…

crowded Altar

The pastors of a large church in Budapest…600 members were debating whether to give me 5mins to share or not.
One leader had already put our cross in the side room out of site!
Then God brought change of mind… and got the cross back out of the store room!!!
The senior pastor said after his preach he wanted us to march onto the platform from the side with the cross and testify and preach the gospel. Wow!!!! It’s all changed again.
God’s enabling grace was so powerful…. Around 35-40 people came forward some first time decisions and others made recommitments!!!
Thankyou Lord.
The pastors wife said the church really needed this visitation!


The meeting was streamed live to hundreds of others…. And posted on ‘UTube.
We train’d it into Budapest last night just to be available to any church that might want us….and last night stayed with a pastor who told us there would be no opportunity for us to speak or share testimony!!!!!! But man plans and God disbands!!
The rest is now history…..
Now we are in transit back to the place where we are to start walking to Budapest….confused? I know I am!!!

household saved

So the church meeting we were not going to minister at, the leaders changed their mind and put me on!

Dávid is doing a great job with the interpretation,,,,, it’s very hard concentrating but he’s obviously doing well!!
After ministering the word this morning a back slidden guy saw his wife and daughter come forward for salvation, which broke him and brought him to his knees…..this is the moment

After the meeting men were coming forward and thanking me for the transformation that had happened in their wives at the women’s meeting last night!
God is on the move….

Many came forward for fresh outpouring!



Expect the unexpected

Arrived at Szolnok at around 4pm today after a much shorter walk…25km and was met by a pastor of Agape church. He told us that they have their main service tomorrow but their apostle is preaching….”but we would like you to speak to our women’s mtg now” !!!!!
” Wow, the Holy Spirit was moving so powerful tonight!
This walk different from last has been about setting captives free !!
Make no mistake demons are real….but God is far greater.
One lady got so free from a demonic power that she flew backwards…Dávid had his hand in her back but couldn’t stop her from falling, it was like a bomb went off and we all stepped back!! Lots of words of knowledge tonight all confirmed…..
This is Aranka and she Surrendered her life to God tonight!

Now we have told by the pastor they would like me to preach at their main meeting tomorrow??!!!!!
Here’s a couple more pictures from today

I could do with some prayer for a tooth ache…top right side…..just came on yesterday….feels like a filling has come loose.
Thanks for praying


Page out of Acts

Today’s walk was 36km into Törökszentmiklós.
I’m writing this quick so won’t do it justice!
Today included:
•a fruit & veg man doing a massive ‘U’ turn in his thinking.
•two prostitutes on the roadside heard how special they are to God…got prayed for and well touched…hugged them as if it was my Bethany!!( no pic obviously)
•a man called Dulla got delivered & Saved in front of a crowd in town…totally free!! Shouting “I’m free…my life is turned around!!!!!! ( won’t forget that one in a hurry)
• young woman prayed for a sign that God hadn’t forgot her….then we walked passed!!..she came back to God received a prophetic word then came with us to church! ( you’re see her in a pic outside a shop…pink trousers/blue top & in another picture at church with me after I preached….how cool is that??!!!!!)
• a group of people who witness Dulla getting set free from demonic stuff / drugs etc on the street followed us to the church….!!
Great meeting with some NEW PEOPLE!
Here’s some pictures from today







Drug dealers leg it

Forgot to mention. The leader of the Gypsy church took us back to his home straight after for a meal. As we turned the corner into his road with the cross, a group of drug dealers looked stunned! Two of them turned away but one literally ran away!!!
The gospel is bad for business!
After we had eaten dinner to the leaders amazement, one of the drug dealers came over to his house asking about the cross….he said it was a sign to him!
All those dealing drugs in the area have never spoke to the church leader ever before!!!!
Janos the pastor is going to update us with what happens next.

Heating up

Builders staying at the same diggs as us were discussing the message from the smile tracts this morning over breakfast!!
A member of staff called Laslo prayed with me to receive The Lord after a long chat! ( just brilliant!) here’s the fella

Two guys stopped to take a pic….we were wrecked after 31km…was meant to be because lajos on the left prayed the sinners prayer before we parted!

No shower!! But led straight into a gypsy church meeting…. 2 more a man and a woman gave their lives to The Lord!!! Come on!!!!!!!
Whilst eatin dinner back at the leaders house a woman not at the meeting came to the house for healing.
This is Catalina she had a lung infection and was very sick but believed that Jesus would heal her!!
She said after prayer all symptons had gone including pain down her left shoulder and arm!!!!

Dávid and me are done for the day!
Thanks for prayer everyone, it’s only because you are praying!

Mud on your face!

Well, we’re pretty sure that the manager of a panzio ( economy inn) received salvation this morning!
Whilst explaining the gospel last night & this morning she told us before we left that she wanted to receive the greatest gift….come on!!!!
Whilst sharing testimonies with her last night, it was obvious it was going somewhere!
33km today, Dávid my fellow walker felt he had to take a picture of my face!
No! They are not freckles, it’s called muck spray from the lorries!!!
We’ve just arrived in Püspökladany…for anyone who might be tracking us.


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