Intercontinental Walks

Secret Baptism!

I have waited till all the parties concerned are safely in their home countries before posting this. Sarah and I were not prepared for the level of possible surveillance on this trip. we were aware that my friend was risking... Continue Reading →

A chance encounter?

Just over a year ago in March 2014 I was travelling home from a mission trip in Mauritius.  I had 3 interconnecting flights and was particularly anxious that the cross would make it back to the UK . However somehow... Continue Reading →

Commissioning the next generation.

A lot has been happening over the last few days, which I will share with you over the next few blogs. Please forgive me for working backwards but for reasons that will become obvious I will share the most exciting... Continue Reading →

I am everything, I am Mauritian

Just before departing for this trip, I enjoyed watching the movie the life of Pi. If you have seen the film you may recall that the main character Pi a Hindu, embraces Christianity and Islam on his spiritual journey. In... Continue Reading →

Independence day

Today was the day that Mauritius celebrated 46 years of independence from the United Kingdom.  So today was a public holiday, not that I think that it made much difference to many people as many people were working at Quatre-Bornes... Continue Reading →

Heaven on Earth?

Mark Twain wrote in 1897, "You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first then Heaven; Heaven being copied after Mauritius. "  well once you move outside of the urban belt you get the sense that Mauritius is a very... Continue Reading →

Finding salvation in the shade of a tree

Today was a scorcher again with the mercury rising to 30° plus, not the best weather to carry a 20kg cross.  However the mission continues I may not cover many miles but they all count as people encounter the saviour... Continue Reading →

Fresh prints in Bel Air

The journey to Bel Air was one of unparallelled beauty.  The mountains,  fields and sky overwhelmed the senses. Many times all I could think was wow! My dad made hosts overnight were Clifford and Aartee. They fed me extremely... Continue Reading →

Hearing the Spirit’s voice.

The plan today was for 9 mile round trip to Curepipe and back. The weather had cooled to the mid 20's but it was still hot and the rain returned.  The light showers were a little heavier than expected so... Continue Reading →

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