Intercontinental Walks

Prayer mountain

Just a few short miles outside Port Louis,  I called it a day. The last straw was having an altercation with a thorn bush which liked the taste of my head, particularly my ear. Thankfully I was near a bus... Continue Reading →

Sowing and reaping

Today I picked up where I left off on Monday and made my entry into Port Louis.  You would expect it to be busy as a capital city, but the streets were heaving with people.  Again the temperature was high... Continue Reading →

A crown of thorns. ( When the going gets tough).

Mauritius is a model of multiculturalism the nation prides itself on the fact that people from all faiths should get along. This was evident from the sights and also my own personal experience.  Hindus,  Muslims and Christians all get along... Continue Reading →

The final countdown

With less than a day to go before I start walking,  I am wrestling with the restlessness within me, I just can't wait to get going. This morning I worshipped with Chritian revival Church Quarte bornes led by pastor David... Continue Reading →

The Dodo has landed

After a 16 hour journey including 3 aircraft changing planes In Abu Dhabi and the Seychelles  I arrived in Mauritius at about 4:15pm local time. The journey was challenging I had just over an hour to negotiate my way through... Continue Reading →

Anointed feet.

One of the things Jesus did as an example for us as believers was to wash his disciple's feet and he intended for us to do the same. How many times can you recall the pastor of your church washing... Continue Reading →

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