Isle of Man 2012

Homeward bound

Before catching the ferry, I was invited to share some recent accounts of my crosswalking around the isle of man with the largest church on the island…Broadway baptist church, Douglas.
There were some familiar faces and one who stood up to read the scriptures told the congregation how uplifted she felt when she drove past! PTL
Many people came up after the mtg to say where they had seen me during the week,and the effect it had on them and those with them at the time!!!
So ….God willing off to Ceshire!



Day 7. “liberty to the Captives”

Thank you everyone for praying this morning!!! IT WORKED!!!!!
4 inmates this morning without any doubt, put their trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation!!!!!! Halelujah…Come on Jesus.
As I was simply sharing about the cross the atmosphere was heavenly! Pastor Des ( great man of God) was even fighting back the tears! He told me afterwards that one of the men that had given their life to Christ was the brother of a sports celebrity & current world champion! I can’t disclose the name or sport for reasons of confidentiality.

After prison I have been travelling around with pastor Des ministering to folk on the brink of entering the kingdom…it’s been really exciting!

God is So Good!!! Home tomorrow!

I would like to take this opportunity in sincerely thanking all the church groups and individuals for your earnest prayer support. I am under no illusions! If it wasn’t for the prayer backing there would be no fruit! You are all brilliant

Isaiah 41:2-5 AMP

Who has roused up one [Cyrus] from the east, whom He calls in righteousness to His service and whom victory meets at every step? He [the Lord] subdues nations before him and makes him ruler over kings. He turns them to dust with the sword [of Cyrus], and to driven straw and chaff with his bow. He [Cyrus] pursues them and passes safely and unhindered, even by a way his feet had not trod and so swiftly that his feet do not touch the ground. Who has prepared and done this, calling forth and guiding the destinies of the generations [of the nations from the beginning? I, the Lord–the first [existing before history began] and with the last [an ever-present, unchanging God]–I am He. The islands and coastlands have seen and fear; the ends of the earth tremble. They draw near and come….

God Bless you
Mike Vickers
From the trenches

Day 6. “Divine Appointments”

A big thankyou to Betty & Gilbert for the amazing provision…great food and great company!
On the way to Ramsey I got invited in to an Elderly couples house for lunch. Alan & Marion Bolam’s, a former chartered Accountant and a Director of Nursing for the Island! Had a great talk to Alan about the cross and he was happy to pray with me before I left PTL

Lots of people stopping today to inquire, many of whom had either heard the radio int or read the newspaper article this morning!

A woman in town had real encounter with God when she saw the cross today and came and told me… The beginnings of making her way back to God!!!
Later an xmilitary man poured out his heart to me!
And tonight I took the cross to a youth club at CONR. Great opportunities there!

Tonight I’m staying at a young couples house in Ramsey…Ciaran & Becks. Pls pray for Ciaran, he’s really close to the kingdom!!!! Just out of interest, Becks is a fire-fighter!!!!!







Day 5. “perfect timing”

First, I just received this email –

Wondered if you could pass a message of encouragement on to your Pastor (at least I think he’s your Pastor)

This afternoon I was standing outside the school where I work, in the Isle of Man, having a very difficult/sad conversation with a parent when exactly at that moment he passed carrying his Cross and stopped to say Hello! The parent later asked me about ‘him and his cross’ and it was a perfect conversation starter!! Amazing ways that our Lord reminds us that he is with us in EVERY situation! Praise the Lord!!
Thank you


Her email is:

Isn’t that just like God!!!!!PTL

Also today, a bloke called Rob saw me on the road in ‘no mans land’ drove to a shop and brought to me a lovely ice cold bottle of water. I gave him a tract and told him the message within was the most precious thing I had to give him! He promised to read it….and he will!!!!
Later a brilliant time with a guy called Tam from Glasgow. I asked him “what did the cross mean to him? He said it was where our Lord died! We talked about the cross some more, that whilst Jesus paid the price for all sin of all man for all time, forgiveness is not automatically conferred! He was incredibly open and was sincerely interested in how to personally receive it! Thank you lord!

Tomorrow I will be walking to Ramsey



Day 4. “newspaper interview, a teenage audience & ministering at a church in Peel

After a newspaper interview this morning in Douglas, I got on the road to Peel. Article comes out in tomorrows rag.
A humorous but rewarding day! Walking past road works an arm appeared out of a vehicle to shake my hand! The workers all taking a break with their Sun newspapers opened at the “you know what” page!!! All received smile tracts and a few words from me!I especially enjoy those opportunities!
An old lady stopped. “I think I’m going the wrong way”, she said. I told her that most people are! And it led into a good witness.
As I arrived at St Johns a pub landlord applauded!!! He wasn’t clapping the purpose but still opened up great chance to sow a definite seed!
Most people on the island know about me now due to a great media coverage….TV,Radio & Newspaper PTL
I’ve never had so many drivers bib and wave!!
My favourite moment today was an audience with a group of teenagers. A hundred questions and fantastic debate! Pray for a lad called George who said in front of his mates he was an atheist! But then later come found me and walked and talked with me!!!! God has his number!
Tonight I’m ministering at Peel community Church.
Thanks for your prayers!



Day 3. “news circling the Island”

This morning I joined in with devotions at SUMT, 12 young adults doing a gap years leadership training. I shared a word from the Lord with them and left for Port Erin.


It’s been great this time for drivers stopping and inquiring. Two guys today in a van in particular….great opportunity! PTL

Later a woman called Janet came past me, two walking sticks, she just had a hip replacement though being quite young! I told her about what the bible says about healing and then prayed!
She wasn’t healed immediately but full recovery will be her testimony I’m sure! PTL


Got invited into a parish hall for cup of tea by a 78yr old fencing coach!!! He recently ran the London marathon! Great chat with Henry!


Lots of smile tracts taken today…thankyou Lord.

A woman in a lovely Mercedes pulled over today. She said she had seen me 3 times now! She was on her way to hospital and filled up telling me her Dad was dying! She asked me to pray for her Dad called Albert which is my privilege to do so. I asked if she would give her Dad a tract from me, that it held within its pages an important message of the most urgent kind! She assured me it would be done! I believe it will! This was such a God set up!!!!!

Later I was interviewed by John Moss for Manx radio… Interview went well thanks for praying.
Tomorrow I’m walking to Peel and will be ministering to another Elim church there.
I can feel the prayers… Cheers everyone.


Pastor’s comment from Sunday’s meeting

Dear Mike

Thank you for such an amazing morning at Church on the Rock, Ramsey.
Your stories are inspirational and your message was both challenging and encouraging.

It was such a joy to see a number of people healed and coming to faith in Christ, not to mention the lives that where changed

You are truly a man of God and a blessing.
We look forward to working with you again.

Many blessings,
Pastor Des Deehan

Day 2 “12 yrs old is great age to give your life to Christ!”

Had only walked 2 miles out of Douglas when Paul Moulton BBC correspondent for Manx TV met me for a roadside interview. 20120430-200356.jpg

You can view it here.

Later a Mother & son joined the walk for a mile. The mum called Beverley kindly went home for some water but her son Jack insisted he wanted to continue with me. Beverley had recently asked me about being away so much from my family. I told her that my children sow their Dad into the nation as a Father to many! The Holy Spirit nudged me to ask Jack how long had he believed in Jesus. He said that he had always believed and prayed being in a Christian family. And then he told me that he had never actually prayed out loud and asked Jesus into his life! Wow…this was Jack’s moment, and he took it!!!! PTL. I then prayed for Jack…what a special time!!!
20120430-200417.jpg   20120430-200450.jpg

2 min later Jacks mum turned up with a cadburys boost, my favourite chocolate bar of all time!
I prayed for another young man today on route too called Mathew ( in a pic with Jack)
Today a total stranger stopped in his car and gave me keys to his house so I could let myself in and make a sandwich!!! Is that normal???!!!

Later he caught up with me and he made the sandwich ha ha! Thanks Greg, enjoyed our time together.
Later had a blessed time over a snack with Rousseau & Reanne Pastor and wife of Living Hope church, Port St Mary.
And now I have reached the scripture union base where I am staying tonight Thanks to Alex & Amanda Brown.


Day 1. Ministering at Elim Ramsey & walking from The Laxey wheel – Douglas

Had a great time preaching at “the church on the rock” in Ramsey this morning. 90% of the church came forward for prayer and young lady called Amy received Jesus in to her heart!!!!!!PTL
Later over lunch the pastor received a text from a woman who’s torn ligament in the knee was much better!
Lots of people were prayed for to be healed and the Lord was definitely present to heal!!!
Walking after lunch back to Douglas however was a different story! My body rebelled!!! Wow!! The flesh has a loud voice at times. The gale force wind and rain made it interesting too!
Praise God that first day of walking is over!
Tomorrow I’m walking to Port St Mary.
Thanks for praying everyone.




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