Italy 2012

Day 9 “Siena, full of Tourists”

Thank God that JESUS the ‘Desire of All Nations” dwells in us!
The city was packed with people from all different nations, we even had the chance to share the gospel with some German Muslim lads!

Our last stash of Smile tracts were given out today in Siena’s famous square. Then a little divine set up when a woman called Catherine shouted “Mike Vickers! I can’t believe it!!” Turns out she attends the Siena church,(she was also meant to be our second interpreter, but it didn’t work out)
And now she was standing in front of us! In a city swarming with people!!
Meeting Catherine like this led to also meeting with her pastor Denrica and her husband Alexandra. We were then invited to pray for someone who lived quite nearby. This is normal for us…. We just go with the flow!
Before we said a good bye the pastor asked if we come back, she would like us to minister at the church!
Tomorrow we are staying on the base to help Steven & Vicky get the house & grounds ready for the holiday season. I think a bit of painting and planting is involved!!!

Thanks again for your prayers!




Day 8 – “Escalator Evangelism”

A hot sunny day in Perugia! We took a lot of escalators to the top of the historical city and blitz the square with smile tracts. Having handed out many tracts we then sat on some steps amongst those who were now reading “Four reasons to smile”. Mike got in trouble with two policeman because he lent the cross against a fountain!
We have just a few more gospel tracts saved for Siena tomorrow.

Thankyou you for your-faithfulness in praying and encouraging messages!!!!

Michele, Giovanni & Riccardo

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Day 7 – “Behold, a sower went out to sow”

Hundreds of Gospel tracts were well received in Arrezo yesterday! We hit the city at the busiest time PTL
Mike walked in front with the cross, and Jon & Rich followed bearing seeds. It was like following a plough and dropping seed in as ground was turned over!
Young people even asked for a tract. One young lad came to get one, even though his girl friend had already taken one and spent some time ready it!
We took the cross around the city for an hour before walking south.
On the way back the cross wheel exploded covering Mike in green slime!!!
We have laughed so much on this mission! …”the JOY of the Lord is our strength”.
We are off to Perugia today.

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Day 6 part 2 – “An appointment in Rome”

Having left Pastor Giorgio in Modena at 1:30pm we took a 4hr journey in a hired car to Rome. Everything was closed by the time we arrived so no site- seeing this time!
However Pastor Georgio had rang ahead to Pastor Angelo of theirchurch in Rome, about us coming!
Angelo and his wife Alecia live right next to the Collosium on the very road we were parked in!!!! so he took a 2min walk to us PTL
An amazing time praying for him and ministering prophetic words of encouragement and strategy! He said he received a very needed confirmation and was very happy we had come!
He said, “it feels like a dream…..where did you come from!”afterwards he took us for some ‘Roman chicken” Deliscious!
We arrived back to base @ 2:35am this morning.
Today we go to Arrezo city.
We are so grateful for your prayers


Day 6 – Ministering Healing to the sick

Today Pastor Giorgio took us to his sister who Is in hospital….yesterday she was given 12 hrs to live! While she was asleep and on heavy dose of morphine we spoke life ,healing and ressurection into her. God was present to heal. We believe she will recover!!!!!
After we were taken to pray for another sister who was diagnosed with cancer in the linth….God is a miracle working God! She was very afraid as she was herself a doctor, knowing too much about the body!
We spent some time building faith in her! And after we ministered healing she felt where the tumour had been…”oh…oh senoira “, she said, ” the lump is now very small!!!!”
The tumour had immediately shrunk very small!
Praise you Lord it’s all your doing!!!!
This is what she needed to remove all doubt seeing her healing already manifesting!
God is good!
It’s 1pm…and we are leaving for Rome.
Please keep praying!

Day 5 – Modena Church

It’s 3am and we have just returned from an awesome time in Gods presence at Pastor Georgios church in Modena. Mike brought a word on the ‘courage to be supernatural and supernatural courage’. There was such a hunger amongst the people and when the call was made to receive this impartation, the altar was filled and some even ran.
For us it was a precious time and it was easy to minister as God just released His spirit. It was such a privilege to see God touch his people.
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.” Matt 5:6


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Day 4 – Walked through Valiano, Petrignano and Pozzuolo

Apologies if you prayed for the city of Arezzo today. Your prayers are not wasted – we will be there on monday now.
Today we did another local circuit of a 19 mile trip. Most people take tracts, so we are focussing on scattering lots of seed around here where there is no Christian church for miles! Not for much longer!!!
Tomorrow we drive to Modena – where we are ministering at Pastor Georgio’s church. Sunday we are off to Rome.
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.
This is Cookie here, just to say the guys really encouraged me to finish the final miles with the cross. My feet felt they couldn’t go on, but I found myself saying “Jesus you never gave up on me, so I’m not gonna give up on you”. One minute I could barely walk, and then I was running to the finish line!!

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Day 3 – Walking to Passignano

The warm sun shone down on us today, on the way we climbed up into another hilltop town called Tuoro. As we were taking a break eating lunch, a host of young people took smile tracts from us. It felt really important and seemed very significant touching this young generation of Italians with the Gospel. We also worshipped openly outside the town hall until we had liberty and had breakthough.

Marco has been brilliant as our interpreter! And some good opportunities taken today to share the gospel through him with people along the way, Sadly, Marco leaves us tomorrow, thanks Marco you’re a top bloke.

The team are off to a city tomorrow called Arezzo.

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Jon will miss Marco the most!!!!

Back to school

Today we walked 20 miles including a 1000ft rise to Cortona. Marco managed to get to the top with his healed body!!! His girlfriend Allecia was amazed to here the news!
Today in Cortona was tough! Like we were and the atmosphere was very oppressive. No one was interested in us! So we stopped and worshipped for a while in the open… Straight after that there was a window of openness amongst the people, and we all became aware of an atmosphere change! “for behold the darkness shall cover the earth. And deep darkness the people. But the Lord will rise over you and his glory will be seen upon you” Isaiah 60:2
“If we will Arise”!!!
Praise silences the enemy and worship in spirit and truth creates an open heaven!
The Cross the Nations team went back to school today to learn this key!
Almost back to base and extremely tired, when a family local to Stephen and Vicky saw the cross and invited us into their home. They gave us some drinks, and with the aid of Cookie’s broken Italian we were able to pray for them. They read the Tract and all said the prayer on the back aloud, we then joined hands in a circle and prayed. They were all very happy and hope that we will seem again!



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