Italy 2012

Day 9 “Siena, full of Tourists”

Thank God that JESUS the 'Desire of All Nations" dwells in us! The city was packed with people from all different nations, we even had the chance to share the gospel with some German Muslim lads! Our last stash of... Continue Reading →

Day 8 – “Escalator Evangelism”

A hot sunny day in Perugia! We took a lot of escalators to the top of the historical city and blitz the square with smile tracts. Having handed out many tracts we then sat on some steps amongst those who... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – “Behold, a sower went out to sow”

Hundreds of Gospel tracts were well received in Arrezo yesterday! We hit the city at the busiest time PTL Mike walked in front with the cross, and Jon & Rich followed bearing seeds. It was like following a plough and... Continue Reading →

Day 6 part 2 – “An appointment in Rome”

Having left Pastor Giorgio in Modena at 1:30pm we took a 4hr journey in a hired car to Rome. Everything was closed by the time we arrived so no site- seeing this time! However Pastor Georgio had rang ahead to... Continue Reading →

Day 6 – Ministering Healing to the sick

Today Pastor Giorgio took us to his sister who Is in hospital....yesterday she was given 12 hrs to live! While she was asleep and on heavy dose of morphine we spoke life ,healing and ressurection into her. God was present... Continue Reading →

Day 5 – Modena Church

It's 3am and we have just returned from an awesome time in Gods presence at Pastor Georgios church in Modena. Mike brought a word on the 'courage to be supernatural and supernatural courage'. There was such a hunger amongst the... Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Walked through Valiano, Petrignano and Pozzuolo

Apologies if you prayed for the city of Arezzo today. Your prayers are not wasted - we will be there on monday now. Today we did another local circuit of a 19 mile trip. Most people take tracts, so we... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Walking to Passignano

The warm sun shone down on us today, on the way we climbed up into another hilltop town called Tuoro. As we were taking a break eating lunch, a host of young people took smile tracts from us. It felt... Continue Reading →

Back to school

Today we walked 20 miles including a 1000ft rise to Cortona. Marco managed to get to the top with his healed body!!! His girlfriend Allecia was amazed to here the news! Today in Cortona was tough! Like we were and... Continue Reading →

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