Netherlands 2013

gospel tract no. 2000

Yesterday was the last stretch, Gorinchem to Utrecht – 37 km.
Started at 7:45am and reached Utrecht by 4pm…. It was a great time of connecting people to God, one lady called Maria… Brilliant time!!
And in Utrecht we gave out the last smile tract! Hallelujah!!!




Then to finish off the mission we met up with the CVM (Netherlands) boys. A great time of sharing and encouraging them with stories of the greatness of God from the last 10 days.

Thanks again for all the prayer support, we know their are those who always faithfully pray but don’t broadcast the fact… are our greatest asset!!
We honour you!

Once again our mission is summed up in this sentence…..” To win for the lamb the reward of his sacrifice”

A change of direction

“Now when they had gone through Phrygia and the region of Galatia, they were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia. After they had come to Mysia, they tried to go into Bithynia, but the Spirit did not permit them.” Acts 16: 6&7

I always had a suspicion that we might not actually enter Belgium on this visit! And when we reached Rotterdam, I had no peace to head south as originally planned.
So we walked East to Gorinchem. This decision to change direction led to us staying on Noah’s Ark last night!! PTL.
Alan and me explored the Ark this morning!






This morning over breakfast we met the man behind this multi million pound project that took 4 years to build… Johan Huibers. What a visionary!! I love to be around pioneers!
He asked if we knew someone in London that could right a letter to the Mayor or the likes’… The intention is to sail The Ark to the Docklands!! I will be speaking to my brother Kevin….if anybody can help to make this happen he can! This is Johan

Today has been about encouraging Christians. We have sat and had refreshment in the gardens of at least 2 families.
We have prayed for at least 5/6 Christians on the roadside with more food & drink provision!


It has been a long hot walk again today finally arriving at a fantastic sister’s house where we are staying tonight.
Gerda thought it was a MIKE & HELEN that were staying the night!!! Hahaha
so she made up the double bed!
Alan didn’t have anymore clean clothes whilst his clothes are being washed… But Gerda has kindly lent Helen! Sorry I mean Alan, one of her outfits!
We are relaxing at Gerda’s lovely home before a seriously last big trek tomorrow!
Finally the newspaper article is great I am told… Also a write up in a national paper! PTL

Thanks for praying everyone… On more day please

Crazy Provision

Yesterday was our best day by far!
Rotterdam seemed more open to the gospel than anywhere we’d been previous.
We prayed for more people… Shared Jesus with more and gave out more tracts than in the whole trip so far!
This Lady called Angela took a tract then came back to say,”you have no idea how timely this is for me!!”
She shared about some serious health problems and I prayed,
Angela filled up as the Holy Spirit touched her!

Also had a brilliant share with this young couple… The lad said he was a nihilist and she was into a bit of dark stuff. But by the end of the chat they both agreed to get on their own and ask God to show himself in their lives!!!!
God was so present as we talked PTL

Alan had a brilliant witness with some young people at the same time.

Around lunchtime as we walked around the city centre a Spanish lady came over to Alan and offered us a drink but then said , actually, can I buy you two lunch?
So we sat with her and her family outside a sandwich bar!

Here’s some more pics




We headed off to Dordrecht… And the provision just kept coming! Walking into the square a man who owned a Chinese restaurant saw the cross, he was a believer and explained that he was still young in the faith. He then cooked us a lovely meal from fresh!


A bit later and we were exhausted…it was another day at 35 degrees.
Walking past a cafe a lady said to us you guys look like you could do with a sit down and some refreshment.
She then made us mango & Coconut smoothies and the nicest cheesecake ever!!! This is Ruby @ Ruby’s Lindenstraat 6 Dordercht Facebook- Ruby Hovenburg.

We are still receiving emails from folk who have been provoked by our message!!
Then, it was getting late and nowhere to go around 7pm….but our good friend Andre knew the man who works and lives actually on Noah’s Ark in Dordrecht! He was delighted to host us for tonight!
We didn’t think the stately home last night could be bettered…. But we were wrong!!
We are staying in the top part of the Ark
thankfully away from the animals!




“Turning up the heat”

The Hague to Rotterdam in 35 degrees C !!!!!!!!

Wow!!! It’s been tough to walk in this heat but probably the best opportunities to share Jesus! Lots of people prayed for today… Alan in action

We prayed for a guy with bad Psoriasis..young guy and shared the gospel with him.

I was sat with Al outside a cafe and God told me to pray for the owners blood pressure. I didn’t obey straight away so my natural reasoning kicked in!
I thought lots of people have high blood pressure so was it a ‘real word of knowledge? ( this is why instant obedience is so much better!)
Eventually I said to the guy, “Are you struggling with your blood pressure?”
He said, “yes can you tell? How did you know?
I told him that we were travelling through town with a powerful message and God sometimes shows us people’s need so that they might know there is a God in Heaven who loves them and wants to Heal them and give them Eternal life.
The presence of God was on him as i prayed and he knew it!
This the chap

This evening around 6:30 we were passing a beautiful stately home and we stopped to take a drink of water. A young couple who are staying at the house came out to enquire what we are doing. After we told them and had a laugh with them they said if we didn’t have anywhere to sleep we could stay at the house!!
Since then we have had a BBQ on the balcony and shared many testimonies with them that has left them a bit shell shocked!!
Al and I still get overwhelmed by the way God provides!
We love staying with non believers!
Keep praying.




“A Provocation”

This morning we were taken to Redeemer International church in The Hague.
The Pastor, referred to us as a ‘provoking to step out in faith!’
Our word was really well received, and pastor Chris shared a great word… With 2 people giving their lives to Jesus at the end! Great meeting!



Later Alan repented and got baptised!!!
Surely the mission can only get better now!


Cameras Rolling

Today was an interesting day as Mike and Alan were joined by Heleen Knegtmans from N C R V tv a Dutch Christian t v station. Such is the nature of the channel that it has wider audience than just christians!
She filmed with us for about 4 hours as we set out from Leiden. The programme will be broadcast in September.we were able to talk with several people despite the presence of cameras. It all concluded with a bit of a sing song with a couple of older guys in a cafe bar.



We stopped to talk with a couple of guys who had seen us walking the day before. Also we have had emails from people we had met previously. Roel who we met yesterday cutting a hedge, wrote to us saying that he did believe that Jesus died for him, but he still has lots of questions. A Catholic priest emailed to say thank you for praying and a lovely lady called Jessica posted a picture & blogged about us. People emailing us who had taken a smile tract is a real encouragement!!!!
Tomorrow we will be sharing at Redeemer international Church in Den Haag.
Thanks for praying everyone… Keep it up, the breakthrough will come!

“Before we ask”

Walking today from Haarlem to Leiden.. About 40 kilometres!
Not to far out of Haarlem today and Mike & Al had a brilliant chat with a guy cutting his hedge. He was really open to the gospel! This is Roel


Then a good few miles along side a canal

Have enough water was a real challenge today….but God is good!!
After walking around 5 hours we finally had a stop at the first shop we saw!
This woman was really kind and offered free ice creams & kitkats and then filled up our water bottles.



It was a physical endurance test today still walking at 9pm. We had no where to stay and no means arrange anything… Then I felt God quicken a scripture to me-
“For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him. In this manner, therefore, pray”(Math 6:8)
So we did in that manner!
Then 30 min before arriving at Leiden, a text came through from Jan ( who only called because a TV camera crew want to film us tomorrow morning. They have requested to walk one hour and film us!!)
So then Jan contacted a friend that just so happened to be in the area!! PTL
We are now staying with Dick & Anje’s house. At 9:30pm we heard someone was on their way to pick us up… GOD HAD IT COVERED ALL THE TIME!!!!

Walking West

Yesterday we walked to Haarlem from Amsterdam. A bit different from Poland in that we are carrying more stuff! A large rucksack each, 2000 tracts and of course The Cross! ( really hot and not enough water!)
Here some shots of today

Mike Al ministering to bus drivers and having a sit down at there rest booth.

Prayed for a Methodist minister for God to give him direction!

This is Gassjessica van moors, she saw Mike walking around Haarlem square and came over to tell him something. When she saw the cross it made her feel emotional… She tried in broken English to explain. Not a religious woman….but it impacted her deeply!! Mike shared the gospel with her and she was happy to pray with him!PTL
Last night we stayed with Christians who only knew we were coming 1 1/2 hours before we showed up! Ha ha

This is Joke & Bernhard


Amsterdam City

2000 smile tracts in the Dutch language arrived at Jan’s house and he brought them straight to us by noon today!(what a top brother).
Alan & me had just finished a coffee and chat time, sharing adventures with some of the YWAMers who asked to meet us before we left

“Man”, it was a fight today!! Tough to make even a dent! multitudes of tourists filled the square and just a few conversations & not many tracts given out for a city! However we are not quitters!
We raised the cross up in main square and waited quite a while.
Slowly people wandered up to enquire!
One family was a Christian family of Jewish decent who got converted in Jordan, whilst fleeing from Iraq!! Amazing story of Gods grace how the eldest son had Jesus visit in a dream. They asked us to pray for healing, the eldest son had a hole in his heart… So under the cross we ministered ” healing prayer”
Looking forward to that testimony






Tomorrow we set off for Haarlem and when we announced this earlier Jan was excited because he has a pastor friend there who has a sick wife and they both need encouragement!
Also today we witnessed to a family in city centre who comes from Haarlem and have invited us to stay at their house!!
Come on Jesus!!!!!
Pls pray for My feet, it’s day one and I am already limping!
It looks like a bad case of Athletes foot… patches of skin rubbed off and looking very angry.
This has never happened before… Really strange!

Tonight we were invited to Hannah’s (connected to YWAM)house for dinner… We’d never met her before tonight. She cooked us a delicious meal. She had originally planned to go to a bible teaching on 3rd Epistle of John… But as she read through it this morning
“Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren and for strangers, who have borne witness of your love before the church. If you send them forward on their journey in a manner worthy of God, you will do well,” (v5 & 6)
So she decided not to go to the meeting but to bless us with a great meal instead!

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