Poland 2013

Miracle testimony

Arthur wrote a very long testimony, so I translated the most important things as I could, ignoring unimportant details. He is now back to work after 4 years off sick! Blessing, Miłosz. "I came to the hospital in March 2009.... Continue Reading →

Dresden… Tough, but the breakthrough came!

Four people got saved, two got healed & loads of people had the gospel shared with them in Dresden today! Man! It was hard at first today... When you set the cross up and begin to walk you can fill... Continue Reading →

Heaven’s Sound

WOW!!!! The Worship last night was off the chart!!! Half way through we caught a sound from Heaven and joined in singing that one sound for over an hour! Graham led the worship from the start and some leaders including... Continue Reading →

The Holy Spirit & Fire

This morning was amazing.... Many of the DTS students received The Spirit a fresh and some encountered The Holy Spirit with fire for the first time this morning!! It's been a real privilege to teach & minister to a bunch... Continue Reading →

Seeding the Nations

It will be sad to say good bye and put Alan on a plane back to England....but now it's time for phase 2 of the mission! I get to teach over 40 DTS students from all over the world, Mon-fri... Continue Reading →

Endure to the Finish

Mathew 10:22 "...But he who endures to the end will be saved." It's not just about how you start... It's how you finish! It was 22 miles from Zgorzelec ( just inside the Polish border) to Herrnhut!! Graham Hunter from... Continue Reading →

Reality Check

Today was only supposed to be a mere 12 mile walk. Except it was all hills! Alan did extremely well tackling these size hills for the first time. Much of today was walking through the sticks but the Bible does... Continue Reading →

Got a License to Heal

Now I'm going to tell you exactly what we were told by the Pastor this morning before leaving Legnica. Pastor said, when you get 8km outside of Świerzawa you must call this number ......., a man will answer and when... Continue Reading →

‘Let God Arise’….two more believe on Jesus to be saved

After a fabulous breakfast we walked into the city of Legnica. Legnica was a German city for 200 yrs!! Al & I had just read the whole of psalm 68 together... "Let God Arise...." It's was a beautiful Sunny day... Continue Reading →

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