Poland 2013

Miracle testimony

Arthur wrote a very long testimony, so I translated the most important things as I could, ignoring unimportant details. He is now back to work after 4 years off sick!
Blessing, Miłosz.

“I came to the hospital in March 2009. I had to stay there a few days for inguinal hernia surgery but in fact I was lying in the hospital 17 days, which 10 days fighting with terrible pain, fever and inflammation of the wound and the enormous swelling of the scrotum which was the magnitude of the ball. A year after the surgery I went to the surgeon because I still felt terrible pain in the groin. He does’nt know what’s wrong with me so he sent me to other equally helpless doctors. Also attacked me autoimmunological nettle rash. It turned out that I had to have amputated the kernel. Another pain and suffering. On 12 April 2013 I went to my friend Bernard and there I met a brothers from England. They traveled from Warsaw to Germany. I do not know English so contact was limited. We all went to a meeting in the church because on Fridays we have a prayer meeting in the church. And then a miracle happened in my life. The Holy Spirit who has used our brothers from England it made. He prayed for me and after a while I opened my eyes and I was lying on the floor. When I got up I felt no pain in the groin! The pain was completely taken away. I am free from the pain still of a few days. These are my first few days from the years of agony when I feel healthy. God did it through the brothers from England. Praise the Lord!”


Dresden… Tough, but the breakthrough came!

Four people got saved, two got healed & loads of people had the gospel shared with them in Dresden today!

Man! It was hard at first today… When you set the cross up and begin to walk you can fill intimidation in the air. Like no one is noticing the cross and no one is the slightest bit interested! That’s just to make you give up and go home!
But that’s not who we are!!!!! We are more than conquerors….timidity.. Break off in Jesus name!!
Slowly the students broke out of fear and into boldness!

They came back to the meeting place with exciting stories of seeing Gods power at work!

This is two young ladies who received Jesus Christ standing with those who prayed with them.

Here’s some pictures from today’s outreach in the city centre.






This is about half of the DTS students some had already left


Heaven’s Sound

WOW!!!! The Worship last night was off the chart!!!
Half way through we caught a sound from Heaven and joined in singing that one sound for over an hour!
Graham led the worship from the start and some leaders including myself contributed during the evening.





If I can upload a video I will…. You will see and hear how wild it was!!

Today we are taking the students to Evangelise Dresden!

The Holy Spirit & Fire

This morning was amazing…. Many of the DTS students received The Spirit a fresh and some encountered The Holy Spirit with fire for the first time this morning!!
It’s been a real privilege to teach & minister to a bunch of hungry young adults and do it in a place (Herrnhut) with such an amazing heritage of Revival!
Tomorrow I’m taking them all out with the cross into Dresden! There should be 50 of us!!
Look out Dresden!!!!!!

And then I get to come home! Ah… Home!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for praying…you are the real Heroes!






Seeding the Nations

It will be sad to say good bye and put Alan on a plane back to England….but now it’s time for phase 2 of the mission!

I get to teach over 40 DTS students from all over the world, Mon-fri this week.
I am excited about the prospect and expectant on God for a great harvest amongst them!!
Great to meet up with Graham, I hope he’s gonna keep focused on the assignment, especially with so many attractive young women around !!!
This is the YWAM base here in Herrnhut

Thanks to all for remembering me in prayer.


Endure to the Finish

Mathew 10:22 “…But he who endures to the end will be saved.”

It’s not just about how you start… It’s how you finish!

It was 22 miles from Zgorzelec ( just inside the Polish border) to Herrnhut!!

Graham Hunter from our fellowship joined us for the last gruelling dash to the finish.
Louise from YWAM met us before we set off, delivering the German smile tracts!
This was hard… Not much to do in terms of witnessing but just holding the line to make it to the last!

We arrived in Herrnhut at 9:15pm local time!

Thankyou to everyone that has stood with us and prayed.. We hope you consider it has been a worth while commitment.
To all our new friends in Poland that have served and blessed us along the way.. Thankyou soooo much!!

Thanks especially to all those at The Stronghold & Kings churches… We have missed you and are grateful for all your support.

Most of all Thankyou Lord Jesus… You have been faithful to us and are the reason we went…
To win for the Lamb the reward of His sacrifice.

Mike & Alan
From the frontline

Reality Check

Today was only supposed to be a mere 12 mile walk. Except it was all hills!
Alan did extremely well tackling these size hills for the first time.


Much of today was walking through the sticks but the Bible does say “All of CREATION eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God”
we can’t say for definite but we think he prayed the prayer!!!

There was a huge hill to climb ,a long steady assent and I could see Dave’s van right at the top over to the left.
Alan was behind me, it seemed to take for ever to get to the top!
Finally we reached the top and we both crossed over to the support vehicle.
2min later there was a shockingly loud skid and CRUNCH!! Right where we both had crossed over a transit van smacked into the back of a small car causing it to spin round in the road!
We were first on the scene… I was able to open the small car door and tell the young lady at the wheel TO NOT MOVE AND KEEP PERFECTLY STILL!!



We are under no illusions….. Without Gods divine protection on numerous occasions during this mission, Alan or Me or both could have easily been ‘taken out’!
The Girl was able to keep still till paramedics came and they fitted a collar and took her to hospital. She is ok PTL… Oh and Alan told me to say he helped push her car off the main road!!
Here’s some pics from today



Finally we arrived at the church and rehab centre in Janowice Wielkie… Wow what an amazing facility!

Gods amazing provision for us tonight was a Pig Roast!!!!


Prepared by this man


It was the Birthday celebration of a man who comes to the church but just needs to firm – up his relationship with God. Alan prayed for him & God gave me a word for him… Whilst sharing with him he began to fill up!
He has invited us for breakfast instead of eating at the church!!PTL
Also had an opportunity to share some stories from previous crosswalks through an interpreter.

Tomorrow we walk to the German border pick up some German tracts and start the final straight to Herrnhut!
Last day Walking!!!!!!
Thanks for praying everyone!

Got a License to Heal

Now I’m going to tell you exactly what we were told by the Pastor this morning before leaving Legnica.
Pastor said, when you get 8km outside of Świerzawa you must call this number ……., a man will answer and when he does you must say this code word……….
Then a man will meet you and give you details of your next mission!!!!!
Now I know some will think I’m exaggerating but I assure you that is exactly how it was! Ha ha… It’s an adventure with Jesus!!!!
On the way Al and I did our thing we do, not many pics today we were both a bit sluggish getting the camera out!





I prayed for an Elderly guys arm… Not sure if he wanted me to but as straight after I felt Gods power move on him, he looked up at me and said, danke…danke!!!!( thank you….thankyou)
Then I left him with a gospel tract, because the greatest miracle is always salvation!!!!!

Just before we called our contact man…on the last bit of the journey, a car stopped in the middle of the road. One bloke shouted what are you doing?
It was difficult because the road was dangerous and cars were not slowing down on my side of the road!
One of the men crossed over to me and said, “I am a policeman and I want to get you and the cross off this crazy road!!” So i showed him my post card which has details of our mission. He read it, looked at me and enthusiastically said, “Go Preach!!”

So there you go… The authorities have commanded us to preach!

We have now reached our new base and a pastor of a Pentecostal church has now given us our next mission!! Tomorrow he is gathering some of his leaders and others for a meeting with us in the evening.
We are being put up by members of his church. Fantastic meal & our clothes are being washed PTL.

We have walked around about 20 miles today so need a good night’s sleep!
Al & me are sharing a bed tonight!!!!!!!!

‘Let God Arise’….two more believe on Jesus to be saved

After a fabulous breakfast we walked into the city of Legnica. Legnica was a German city for 200 yrs!! Al & I had just read the whole of psalm 68 together… “Let God Arise….”
It’s was a beautiful Sunny day so loads of people, student groups & shoppers.
Here’s a few pics from today






We passed a barbers and as Al was starting to look like Jack Nicholson I suggested he should have a haircut!
I carried on walking around the square with the cross… I came across 3 men smoking outside a shop. One man spoke English and quickly started interpreting while I shared the gospel PTL.
A man called Mark was obviously being touched so I turned to him and spoke more direct. His eyes were fixed on me so I asked if he wanted to pray with me and get right with God! HE DID! the other two guys had now walked away!!!
I prayed for him and he was emotional… The church we have been staying with now have his picture and details. This is Mark

Meanwhile Alan now looking pretty sharp with his new haircut came looking for me. On the way he noticed a young mum who had previously taken a tract still reading it some time later!
He thought it would be good if we passed by her again and see what The Lord was doing. Alan sat beside her and she told him that she had read the message and when he asked if she would like to pray a prayer something like what was on the tract she told him, “I have already prayed the prayer!!!!”PTL
Alan then prayed for her… …. Wow God you are amazing!! Pray for Carolina

Tonight we were asked by Pastor Mark of Resurrection church if we would minister to his leaders tonight.
Mike preached and Alan shared. Many were filled and a new believer received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.great night!


Tomorrow we head a bit further south before final dash to the German border!
Long walk tomorrow.

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