Portugal 2016

An open door for Europe and beyond.

Amid all the talk of Brexit and the implications for the UK, For the church it is it not a time to be insular but a time to look out to the harvest fields and pray. A time to pray... Continue Reading →

“If my people”

It was great to finish two weeks walking with a prayer event in a park in Lisbon. God is clearly raising up intercessors in this nation. Some people had been fasting for 21 days in the build up to today.... Continue Reading →

Riding the wave

I know there is nothing I can do personally to get the Holy Spirit to move in a certain way. It would be like King Canute trying to control the waves of the sea. However it is my responsibility to... Continue Reading →

Kingdom builders

Sometimes on these walks, it can all go a bit quiet. These are times when we need to dig in and contend a little harder in the Spirit. So I spent a little longer in the word. A little longer... Continue Reading →

Our ladies on the road to Fatima.

Today was one of my toughest days walking ever. The climb from Leiria Just went on and on and on. The sun came out and I ascended for about 3 1/2 hours. Flys were buzzing around me all the time,... Continue Reading →


Today, was all about getting as many miles under my belt as possible if I am to get anywhere near Lisbon by the weekend. It's not always the case, but I have lost weight on this trip as I can... Continue Reading →

Living Waters Coimbra

I had a good time with the folk here in Coimbra this morning. I preached on being the new creation in Christ. Afterwards I prayed with several people for healing and for family issues. I am believing for something of... Continue Reading →

From tears to smiles.

For the last 3 days I have been walking through a succession of small towns and villages, Often the streets are deserted except for when I find a cafĂ©. Conversations were few and far between and the weather fluctuated between... Continue Reading →

“Come and meet a man who told me everything I ever did”.

On Wednesday evening I spoke at Living Waters Church in Aveiro. I spoke from John chapter 4 sharing about Jesus being weary from his journey and asking for a drink. The message went down well, pun intended. I asked them... Continue Reading →

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