Portugal 2016

An open door for Europe and beyond.

Amid all the talk of Brexit and the implications for the UK, For the church it is it not a time to be insular but a time to look out to the harvest fields and pray. A time to pray that the  Lord of the harvest will raise up workers to go into the field. Because the fields are ripe unto harvest.

It was not a clear day Sunday but from where I was staying I could just see mainland Europe’s most westerly point. 

I was reminded  of my personal mandate to walk across Europe sharing the good news of Jesus. Nothing has changed. Public opinion may change, governments may change, but the word of God is eternal. I am convinced that so called post-Christian Europe is ripe for a move of God, Whether they want it or not.

As we walk through Nations, praying, declaring God’s plans and purposes we are also sowing the seeds of his word. The cherry on the cake is seeing men and women come to faith in Jesus as we walk. As far as I am aware 7 people came to trust in Jesus as I walked through Portugal.

I finished up  joining an open air prayer meeting in Lisbon and then preaching in a local church on Sunday. 

As a postscript on Sunday evening I found myself sharing the good news of Jesus in French with two guys in an art gallery. You really never know what is going to happen next.

 As I walked through Portugal one of our associates David Kovacs from Hungary was walking with a team in Cumbria England. I find that so encouraging. So with that in mind we continue walking across the continent 

believing that Jesus is the hope for the nations. So with that I believe there is still very much an open door to Europe which includes the United Kingdom in the purposes of God.

“If my people”

It was great to finish two weeks walking with a prayer event in a park in Lisbon. God is clearly raising up intercessors in this nation. Some people had been fasting for 21 days in the build up to today.

I Entered Lisbon from the North and it was a change to meet people on the streets as opposed to walking empty roads. 

When I arrived at the park there were about 80 people gathered together to pray for their city and Nation.

 I couldn’t resist talking to the other people in the park, who were just hanging out or having a beer.
oneSeveral young people asked me what was going on , with many commenting that it was cool and/or beautiful. One young guy named Joao, asked lots of questions coming back sevkeral times to ask me more. As people prayed I shared with around 20 individuals what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. More than one person asked, ” Can they come again next Saturday?”

So Blessed to be here and see God beginning to work in so many lives. Tomorrow I will be in Church, so watch this space.

Riding the wave

I know there is nothing I can do personally to get the Holy Spirit to move in a certain way. It would be like King Canute trying to control the waves of the sea. However it is my responsibility to recognise when the Holy Spirit is moving, so that I can catch the wave, so to speak.

I eventually found my way to the Atlantic coast again and will be sleeping the next 3 nights in Ericeira a popular surfing location. However the wave of the Holy Spirit swept a lot further inland today and I needed to be ready to ride the wave. I spent last night in Torres Vedras and had a big walk ahead of me to get to Ericeira on the coast. 

However the action all happened at the start of the day within 30 seconds of me setting off. There were a group of guys at a café on the corner and they called for me to come over. They were interested as to why I was carrying a cross? When they heard how far I had come they were impressed and I had their attention. They wanted to know if I was fulfilling a promise? A question I have been asked a lot.I told them no. Then explained the real reason. those yellow bits of paper explain how we can be made right with God through Jesus Christ. 

That he died and rose again  for us, so our sin could be forgiven. That through faith, nothing else we could confess Jesus and receive him as our saviour. At this point some of the guys went back inside the café. To those who remained I asked, would you like to receive Jesus into your life? 3 guys stayed and prayed. I was then able to direct them to local Assemblies of God church about 100 metres down the road.

Here Are Joe, Julio, and Luis.

I pushed on to the coast as my host wanted to collect me at 3pm as he and his wife were going out at 4pm. It was lunch time about 1:30pm, I was open road miles from any town, when a young guy pulled over in his BMW. Fernando wanted to know what I was doing with a cross in the middle of nowhere. We had a good chat about that, as he was about to drive off, He asked if he could buy me lunch. An offer I didn’t refuse. So he gave me some money and directions to the nearest restaurant.

So there I was 2pm at a lovely restaurant in San Lorenço with a Seaview enjoying a tasty and very healthy lunch. God is good. between the money given and the generosity of the restaurant owner I had nothing  to pay. At the conclusion of my lunch I  packed up the cross and was collected by my host Jim Reimers.

Tomorrow I plan to arrive in Lisbon, There is a prayer for the nation event planned  in one of the city parks at 3pm. I plan to be there.

Kingdom builders

Sometimes on these walks, it can all go a bit quiet. These are times when we need to dig in and contend a little harder in the Spirit. So I spent a little longer in the word. A little longer praying early in morning. Believing God for an overflow of his Holy Spirit.

Well suprise, suprise things improved. As I was on the road, I spied a restaurant, instead of going in , I continued till I saw another. An hour later I saw another restaurant, this one was crammed full of customers. I had to double back a little to find the entrance. When I entered everyone in the place was looking at me! Besides that there wasn’t an table available.

I was debating in my mind what to do, when 3 guys called me to join them at their table. So I did. I have to confess, I had a man dinner steak and chips. I would have preferred a healthy salad. I had a large bottle of water as it was all I could do to stop them buying me a beer. They only let me have water as I explained that what I was doing was like running a marathon.   So water for beer, steak for salad seemed like a good compromise.

Here are the blokes Carlos, the Dad and 2 of his sons Eric and Joel. I shared with them the message of Jesus Christ and they bought me lunch. Sounds like a good deal.

A few hours later, I came to the town of Torres Vedras. I made slow progress, but I was happy as people were talking to me and taking Gospel tracts

This guy I met near a Pentecostal church, one of several who spoke to me here.

As I pushed on into town, I had lots of chances to speak to people. I had a long chat in Portuguese with 2 ladies. I prayed with them, but in all honesty I don’t know what happened because of the language barrier.

II am now less than 50 km from Lisbon. That’s just 2 days walking and I have a confirmed bed for Friday night.  Pray with me for a big finish.

Our ladies on the road to Fatima.

Today was one of my toughest days walking ever. The climb from Leiria Just went on and on and on. The sun came out and I ascended for about 3 1/2 hours. Flys were buzzing around me all the time, particularly as I got nearer the top walking through Forest. At one stage I felt like giving up, but I already reached a point of no return.

The people on the road were so encouraging, a few gave me water, again I experienced favour in a roadside café. I drank about 4 litres of water on that climb and I still had a headache.

However, even in the tough times, I am believing that the Holy Spirit will touch hearts and he did not disappoint. I had the privilege of being with 2 ladies who prayed to receive Jesus at the roadside.



Fatima is fairly busy and is a major destination for Catholic pilgrims. I will continue to walk and proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Today, was all about getting as many miles under my belt as possible if I am to get anywhere near Lisbon by the weekend. It’s not always the case, but I have lost weight on this trip as I can do my belt a notch tighter now.

Again I.enjoyed favour on the road particularly from a lady called Vania who worked in a café as I was coming into Leiria.

People have been generally open, it was only after 6 days of walking that somebody refused to take a 4 smiles tract. Evangelism, I remind myself, is about sowing and reaping. I have given out hundreds of tracts and I am believing that impact will be felt in the Spirit long after I have gone.

Tonight I have found a bed with breakfast in a very pleasant youth hostel for just 13 Euros. God is good.

Please pray for me as Tomorrow I arrive in Fatima, the spiritual centre of Portugal, with a major shrine to Mary. Agree with me that God will overturn the stronghold of this nation, that the light of Jesus Christ will shine through.

Living Waters Coimbra

I had a good time with the folk here in Coimbra this morning. I preached on being the new creation in Christ. Afterwards I prayed with several people for healing and for family issues. I am believing for something of significance to occur in this city, so was pleased to be here. Often we hear reports from churches of dynamic outpourings of the Spirit within weeks of our visit. So I we waiting for the good report.

After the service I went back to my host family for an 18th birthday party with barbecue. Here is Ana and her lovely Pikachu cake.

Tomorrow I will be heading south towards the pilgrimage site of Fatima and then on towards Lisbon by the end of the week. God has been gracious with provision so far, but it would be great to make connections with churches on the road to Lisbon. I am also looking for an Evangelistic breakthrough. Thank you to those who stand with us in prayer.

From tears to smiles.

For the last 3 days I have been walking through a succession of small towns and villages, Often the streets are deserted except for when I find a café. Conversations were few and far between and the weather fluctuated between sunshine and heavy rain.

As always I found favour at almost every café I stopped at and motorists stopped on several occasions to give me water, fruit and biscuits.

I reached Coimbra by Saturday lunchtime, now I was in a larger city with many more people to talk to. I was able to drop my luggage at a local church and continue into the city to share the life of Jesus.

Almost Immediately, I met Alex a Ukrainian guy who was having a difficult time. I offered to pray with him and soon the tears were flowing freely.

I gave Alex the opportunity to respond to what the Holy Spirit was doing and he prayed to invite Jesus into his life.

I had plenty of time to give out tracts and speak to dozens of people. More than in the last 2 days. One guy Alfredo gave me a tour round and seemed to know everyone. He invited me over to his restaurant and said I could come back for a meal.

Tomorrow morning I will preaching at Living Waters Church Coimbra, Who have arranged accommodation for me over the weekend.


“Come and meet a man who told me everything I ever did”.

On Wednesday evening I spoke at Living Waters Church in Aveiro. I spoke from John chapter 4 sharing about Jesus being weary from his journey and asking for a drink.

The message went down well, pun intended. I asked them to pray for me and I would pray for them. I had hoped to be commissioned by a church in Porto but that hadn’t happened. However I now feel that the mission starts here and up to now has been a prequel.

In return I offered to pray for them. Normally I let my walking companion Mike Vickers do all the personal ministry. Now it was down to me. Time and time again I was able to speak and pray accurately into people’s situation. 

This is what the pastor Raquel said,”Depois de um tempo super abençoado em Aveiro, de uma Palavra de grande impacto, seguida de salvações, cura e ministração profética certeira na vida dos irmãos, aqui vai o Evangelista Alan a caminho de Coimbra. Sim, irmãos ele estará connosco na Igreja Água Viva de Coimbra, (próximo da estação CP na baixa) no Domingo de manhã às 11Horas. Convidem os vossos familiares e amigos e venham uma vez mais ver o poder de Deus 

I received a testimony over night from a local hairdresser.

” I came to church for the first time tonight, and I feel awesome. It seemed like you knew my whole life story. I now know that Jesus is in my life. Thank you and God go with you.”

what a great testimony?

I was hosted by Norton and Raquel who have planted 6 churches in the region.

what a fantastic inspiration they are. 

I am currently walking in steady rain and plan to reach Coimbra by the weekend, Where I will be hosted by people from. living waters church Coimbra. Believing now for increased opportunities to see people saved.


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