Romania 2014

Satisfying finish

We enjoyed a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Sunday.

Romania Crosswalk 2014

After Friday nights excitement in 18 people getting saved I was ready to come home…that was good enough for me! But there was more to come.
We knew that the pastor of Elim Bucharest was expecting us to minister in his morning meeting… But didn’t know that it Bucharest would include many people healed, words of knowledge flowing, a last minute preach at a Vineyard church, loads of young people filled with the Spirit, and a congregation kneeling in surrender to the call to mission, with Alan clambering over rows of chairs to pray for folk! Oh… And a special dinner paid for by mafia!!
Here’s a few pics-
Sunday morning, Alan shared a testimony & Mike preached…. Many came forward and indicated that they felt Gods power touch them and physical improvement had begun.

This is Lilly our interpreter

She would also interpret for Alan In the evening mtg…

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Awesome night

A truly great night.

Romania Crosswalk 2014

The pic is just before 18 people get up out of their seats and come forward to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour!
Not bad considering the meeting was only publicised 5 hours previous!!


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Arrested by the Spirit (18 more respond to the Gospel).

Today was a day of contrasts. First thing in the morning we were interviewed on the radio.  We were looked after by the team at radio S O S Pliostei. Then we walked into the city with the vice president... Continue Reading →

Broadcasting Live

Straight off the road. Showered then live for over an hour on the radio.

Romania Crosswalk 2014

Reached our destination ( SOS Radio Ploiesti) after a gruelling trek in the hot sun and finishing with a thunderstorm!!!
Then straight into the studio for a 1 hour programme….Come on!



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In the right place

We have just made it to the edge of Ploiesti we are currently taking shelter from a thunderstorm in a local restaurant.

Romania Crosswalk 2014

A church in Ploiesti where we should have been fell through…. So we ended up with Christian Centre Nehemiah.
Pastor Jurgan invited us to stay with him and his family without hesitation!!
A Dutch couple leading a Church in Campina…the church building has just been built by Jurgen himself.
We shared out their meeting last night and afterwards had the privilege of encouraging Pastor Jurgan and Dana over some supper!
These guys are doing a brilliant job…. Reaching out and caring for local kids who are neglected by their parents!



Mike shared a prophetic word with the church and this morning The pastor organised a reprint of our tracts!
Keep praying guys.

Tonight we are being interviewed by a radio station in Ploiesti.

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Stumbled and Humbled.

As we came down from the mountains we found ourselves living on the edge. No food, no money, nowhere to stay. Even our bottle of tree sap syrup had run out. Tracts were running low as we passed 1900 given... Continue Reading →

2 more respond to the Gospel.

Just a brief update. Valentino and the young guy with him responded to the good news of Jesus. Praise the Lord. Mike and Alan are making good progress and are on target to be in Bucharest on Saturday night. Thank... Continue Reading →

Reprint and a mountain conquered

A late start, a long climb and close encounters of the furry kind.

Romania Crosswalk 2014

The smile tract reprinted,folded and Mike and Al ready to leave Brasov.
Thanks to the help of Dan & Gabby!

We gave out so many tracts leaving Brasov today it was looking like the reprint was too little..

A little awkward sometimes but nothing stops Alan from witnessing!!!

It was now time to start our ascent 3000ft up to Predeal….stopping for a bit of refreshment halfway up we were told by a manager, “be careful of the bears, they have a habit of climbing over the barrier!” We thought he was joking until he showed us the photos he took of the previous day


Stopping halfway up Mike saw a prayer target in the form of a broken leg….great family! They gave us syrup to drink made from the sap of trees from across the road. Alan & Mike prayed for their sons broken leg… No immediate miracle but we…

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Man plans God disbands

Filled up our spiritual tanks.

Romania Crosswalk 2014

Alan & I (Mike’s writing this one) tried hard to find the Pentecostal church in Brasov but a few wrong contact no.s, dodgy church website details & turning up at the church only to find the building half built!!!….we decided maybe God wants us somewhere else, Hello!
After praying ( it helps!) we found the New Frontiers church. The pastor took our flyer thought about it and then gave us a spot in the meeting to encourage the folk

Mike forgot to take a picture of Alan sharing! ( less said about that the better).

Straight after the meeting there were invites to lunch and an offer of beds by these lovely people… We are staying tonight with Dan who is in this next pic.

Check this provision out!!

This evening we caught the last meeting of a conference at a really kicking church called point-zero… Here’s al really into…

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