Serbia 2015

Through this sign conquer

As we passed the city of Nis in Southern Serbia. I spotted in the sky a visible cross.


It’s not very clear and was probably made by two aircraft vapour trails intersecting. However it is was the location that got me thinking.  Nis is the birth place of the Roman Emperor Constantine, who interestingly enough was first declared emperor in York England.
Constantine famously had a vision of the cross in the sky with the words ” through this sign, conquer “, just before the battle of Milvian Bridge during the Roman civil war. From this time on he decriminalised Christian worship and became a supporter of the Christian faith. which was a turning point for Christianity in Europe.
Constantine gave thanks to God for his military victory which changed the course of Church history.
However we know that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces in the heavenly realms. We conquer for Christ not by violence but by love , decaring the good news of Jesus in word and in acts of compassion and also through prayer.
for the last 10 days We have walked through Serbia with the sign of the cross proclaiming the freedom that comes through Faith in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.


we have walked, talked, prayed and preached the Love of Christ. We have seen 15 people that we know of get right with God



we have seen others healed


1500 people received gospel tracts as the Holy Spirit blew through Serbia. 
Christianityin Europe faces challenging times, who knows but it may be that some of our beliefs and practices will be declared illegal .
Despite this we believe we are on the victory side. The power of the cross will be demonstrated through transformed lives. Jesus loves the people of Europe and we intend to take his message of grace and if necessary win this continent back to Christ , person by person.

Best news

Last Friday before taking the cross into Jagodina City centre we prayed and in that prayer meeting I found myself praying, that there would be a man who’s resisting thoughts of suicide. “Lord let us find him before he try’s!” In the centre later on we met such a man. His hand was bleeding and Margaret had a plaster in her bag so she lovingly put the plaster on “zoran’s” hand. Then we told him how much his life was worth to God! He let us pray for him and before we left Margaret invited him to come to her church on Sunday.(yesterday) he said he would and took home the gospel tract. We just heard the “best news”….Zoran went to the Pentecostal church yesterday!!!!!!! Pray for Zoran! This picture is when we first met him and He met with Jesus!! 

Church in Leskovac

Brilliant time with the gypsy Church in Leskovac

Six Salvations and a crowded Altar

We had a fantastic time at the Gypsy church tonight in Lescovac. One of the biggest churches in Serbia!

Mike preached about the Church returning to its original purpose…. Great response to the message… 

    Alan gave a call for any to give their lives to Jesus & 12 people came forward in response!

Checking with the pastor afterwards….he told us, at least half of those were first time decisions for Christ!! Praise God!!!!!!

We have some great pictures of ministry time & and a great video of some worship still to put up, so keep looking….



Alan goes there

at a Baptist church in Lescovac this morning, where the congregation is conservative and not really open to the Holy Spirit, Alan speaks about what Pentecost was about, imparting spiritual gifts & his own experience of tounges according to Acts 2!!!!!!!!

Al went there!!

Gutsy and biblically sound message with a surprisingly positive response to his message….. Lots of hunger for the things of the Spirit was generated during the preach & lots of tears…

Many wanted to be prayed with at the end…Wow!! 


Treasure hunting Cross walk style

We didn’t get the tracts back till lunchtime, so we decided the best time to go out would be around 6pm when it was cooler and more people were around. we met at the church building to pray and God clearly gave a word through Mike that we would meet a man contemplating suicide.
so Mike, Alan Margaret  and Louis went out on the streets sharing Jesus.


We hadn’t gone very far when we met Čedo who attended the local Roma church in the past and was away from the Lord. we offered  to pray with him. As Mike & Al prayed he felt a oppressive energy left him. He felt like he had been set free. Mike prayed with him as he recommited his life to Jesus.


There were lots of reactions good and bad as we walked through the main street in Jagodina. Another lady Dragana was very open but was not ready to pray with us as she was working and might get in trouble with her boss.
Then we met Zoran who was the guy God had told us about beforehand.  He had a cut hand and Margaret put a plaster on it, her and Mike prayed with him He told him that God had sent us to him. He has agreed to come to Church this Sunday.


Here’s Margreet in the zone! 

     Tomorrow we push on to Leskovac.

No Retirement in the Kingdom

we are staying with a 77 year old Dutch lady (working as a missionary in Jagodina). She has recently received a call from God to go to Uganda as a missionary!!!!!!

She is amazing, full of joy and faith & fun…she reminds me of what I would imagine Gladys Aylward to have been like!

When we take the cross into the city centre tonight, Margreet will be right by our side!

This is Margreet

God confirms His word

after Alan shared some cross walk testimonies & Mike preached, a young woman got saved…. Followed by some great healings.

One woman, felt burning in her kidneys while being prayed for…. She came forward for kidney stone pain. ( went after that one!!!!)

Another who injured her spine 2wks ago, Broken two bones in her back,  laughed and shouted ” I love you Jesus” while the pain was leaving…. She then bent over and twisted, all pain completely gone! She immediately took off a corset that the doctor said she had to keep on for 6 months!!

Here’s a picture of those who got healed…


Prayer for the Nation of Serbia

Up till now we have had a wonderful time in all the churches we have visited. However on the streets it has been a lot tougher. we have spoken to many people but the response was muted. Serbia needs a move of God. So when we got to Belgrade I had a strong urge to intercede for the nation. So we lifted up the cross and prayed 15 minutes later a young lady called Ivana gave her heart to Jesus. The first of many.

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