Slovakia 2017

Get free on Route 63.

We had an excellent time in Hungary and Slovakia, walking about 160km in 6 days, speaking in 3 churches and sharing the best news of all with hundreds of people. When we crossed the border from Hungary to Slovakia we walked almost exclusively on Route 63 the main road in the South West of the country. Despite local opinion this was one of the safest roads I had walked on with a wide hard shoulder/ cycle Lane. 

We had been well looked after in Budapest hosted by  Autonom Church, Who were very generous in their support for this mission.  

South Western Slovakia is predominantly Hungarian speaking, so it was great to walk with David Kovacs, who proved himself to be an excellent walking companion, and an Evangelist in his own right.

Over the 6 days walking at least 5 people came to faith that we know of, as usual we are not always aware of the much bigger spiritual impact we are making.  Every time we saw a wheelchair, David was in there praying, at least one person was saved as a result of this Holy boldness.

We had an extraordinary time in Komarno, Where we welcomed by Alexander Barkóci, to the church that meets in his home. The Holy Spirit is doing a significant work in the nations through this man, drawing people to Jesus.

Central Europe needs the good news of Jesus, and I believe we will be in the region again in the near future.

Breakthrough Church Bratislava.

Saturday was a tougher day than expected. We set off for Bratislava at 7:40 Am because we wanted to reach the  city in good time. It poured with rain and David discovered his new coat wasn’t waterproof and had to change  his socks twice. 

We found the Slovak speakers tougher to talk to than Hungarian speakers at first, but after a while they warmed up a little.

We met a guy called Martin in Komarno on Wednesday and he graciously gave us his apartment for Saturday night.

On Sunday we decided to visit Breakthrough Church. Although they didn’t know we were coming, God opened a door for us to encourage the church. 

David had a prophetic word for the church concerning Gideon’s army. After that Alan  got up and spoke briefly about what God was doing. 

All of a sudden the Spirit’s blew and encouraging prophetic words flowed thick and fast. People began to pray and prophesy over us for 10 minutes. Thankfully a guy called Pavel had the foresight to film it on my phone. 

It appears that for this Church in Bratislava God is building a spiritual link to the UK and they have been thanking God for all the good we have done for Europe!

During the evenings David has introduced me to the ministry of Todd White. One application of this is we have been leaving outrageously big tips when we eat out. It’s great to see the waitress smile as she reads our literature having been blessed financially by us. When we got to the airport , we still had €90 not bad considering we arrived with nothing. Thank you Todd!

The weird couple

It was a proper crosswalk day today, because crazy things were happening and if you know anything about our ministry we love it when crazy things happen.

Right at the start David spotted a guy in a wheelchair, for us when we are walking we see people in pain we want the Holy Spirit to come in power. So David went over and shared some good news and offered to pray for the man, Attila. 

we then began walking after an hour or so a reporter pulled up. He had been alerted by one of the newspapers readers that 2 weird guys had been seen walking with the cross.

As he left another guy pulled up called Jozsef. We had an opportunity to pray with him. From then on we made slow progress as time and time again people in different vehicles pulled over to talk with us. It was maybe 2 hours later when Attila’s wife Szelena pulled up with his other friend and the Grandmother of the family. They wanted to thank us for praying for Atilla, who they said had improved a lot already. We were keen for them to know the man Jesus not just his miracles. At this point Szelena told us she had invited Jesus into her life. We spent a long time chatting with the other friend, who confessed he was a very bad man who had been in prison 5 times. We explained no one was beyond the reach of Christ’s forgiveness. We prayed with him, but as far as we know he hasn’t received Jesus yet. 

Later in the afternoon and guy in his work van pulled up, Benjamin, and invited us to come to a bar he owned for a drink. We had a great time witnessing and praying with his customers. We  promised to pray for him and his girlfriend Julia tonight.

Finally we got to Samorin, where a lovely Christian couple took  us out for dinner and arranged a room for us tonight. 

Tomorrow we arrive in Bratislava and are expecting great things.

Budapest Autonom Church

Watch Alan’s message shared at Budapest Autonom Church on Sunday 12th March 2017 – If anyone is in Christ They are a new creation.


Divine appointment in Komarno

What an incredible day. when we arrived in Slovakia we had no contacts whatsoever. I had done my usual thing of emailing churches out of courtesy to let them know we are coming. This serves two purposes firstly there may be those who see what we are doing and would like us to come and speak at their church and possibly give us a bed overnight. Secondly but more importantly it gives us a contact to direct those who respond to Jesus. We are always in faith that whatever nation we find ourselves in, that Jesus will draw people to himself giving them life. 

Well on Wednesday night we ended up in the Church of Alexander Barkóci,a very well known Slovakian preacher, in Komarno.

However we should start at the beginning. we hit the road a little later after a good night’s sleep. There were more villages and more people in vehicles stopping to talk to us. 

First up was a church group from Esztergom in Hungary who were on their way to Austria for a skiing holiday. Please note from the picture the apple pie they blessed us with.

Not long after an English guy called Simon stopped in his car, when he found out what we were doing , he invited us to his house for lunch. Simon , it turned out was brought up in the Jesus Army near Northampton in England. It was good to pray with him before we started walking again.

Again  another guy Jozef from the east of Slovakia stopped on the road, he blessed us and we blessed him also.


The night previous, before we went to bed David used Google to see if we could locate any believers in Komarno. Immediately he recognised the name of Alexander Barkóci. We emailed. It was a long shot. When we awoke we had a warm reply from his administrator saying he was very busy, having  just returned from a mission trip. However he would love to meet us and was so glad we were bringing the good news of Jesus to his nation of Slovakia. 

It all got a bit complicated as we had no means to communicate except via email, but David did some excellent detective work and got his phone number. We met in Komarno in the central square and he invited us to his house/ church. He had a Bible study that night and we were invited to speak also. 

It seems that God is doing an extraordinary thing here. Alexander Barkóci is being broadcast from a small church in Komarno and people all over Eastern Europe are watching some travelling hundreds of kilometres to visit. 

one family arrived before the meeting with their 11 year old daughter with brain cancer. we sat in his office together and the young girl gave her life to Jesus. Alexander felt that she needed to receive Jesus first, then her healing. After the meeting and dinner, Two more ladies were waiting to receive Christ well after 10pm at night.

It seems God has brought us to an extraordinary place. We walk on full of faith believing for more of the power and love from Heaven to be poured out.

The long walk.

It was an epic day of walking. we knew it was 60km to Komarno the next major town, we were never going to get that far but we wanted to get as close as possible. So we set off an hour earlier to make the most of the daylight.

In total we walked 40km in just over 6hours, stopping at each of the 4 villages on our route. The highlight of the day was meeting Vince on the road.

He stopped in the morning and David had a conversation with him in Hungarian. I wish I had understood, because Vincent had offered to put the cross on the back of his truck and drive us to Komarno. So so tempting. A few hours later he stopped on the return journey to talk again. He.offered us water and Salami , telling us he had read the literature we had given him. Although not a believer, he said, “I am proud of you boys.”

it was challenging to find a bed for the night, eventually we found a penzion. After a shower and a meal , the boys were both in bed asleep at 8:30pm local time. The road was tough and took it’s toll on their bodies. As seen by Alan’s sock that looks worse than the actual injury. 

We should reach Komarno in good time today. please pray we make good connections with local Christians and more folk come into the kingdom.

Crossing rivers into new nations.

We had a fun day today crossing the River Danube 3 times from Hungary to Slovakia, back to  Hungary and finally spending the night on the Slovakian side of the Danube.


We set off early from Budapest by train to Esztergom arriving before lunch. It was good to have the cross up and be walking again after what seemed a long winter break.

Over lunch, we had the opportunity to pray with a lady who was deaf and dumb. David even left some of his dinner, so he could speak to her and her son. We made our way across the Danube into Slovakia and began witnessing to the predominantly Hungarian-speaking inhabitants of Sturovo.

It was here we met several ladies sat in the shopping precinct. One of them, Monika, said she had a heavy and hurting heart. Alan took her by the hand and prayed with her while David translated. His prayer was that God would begin to change her heart of stone for a heart of flesh.

She immediately felt the presence of God as the Holy Spirit ministered to her. A few minutes later she prayed out loud to Jesus, inviting him into her heart to change her!

Later that afternoon, David suggested we go to the castle overlooking the river to pray for both nations, Hungary and Slovakia.

It is a two-day walk to the next reasonable sized town, but we feel it is right to set off on foot tomorrow westwards along the river and see where we end up. Currently, we have no contacts whatsoever as we go deeper into Slovakia, So we are very much going into the unknown and would appreciate your prayer support.

Budapest. The Starting Line

David and Alan were collected at the airport on Saturday night and have been well looked after by the church in Budapest.


Alan preached on Sunday morning, lots of people were really touched and they were able to pray for folk at the end.



On Monday, they will be heading toward Esztergom, and from there crossing the border into Slovakia.


God has been really gracious in regard to finances and they are really excited to be going into an area with lots of non-Christians.


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