Slovenia 2019

Pray for the Balkans

As Mike and Al boarded their flight home from the brand new airport at Zagreb, it was an opportunity to give thanks to God for all he is doing in this part of the world. What was once Yugoslavia has... Continue Reading →

Reason to return

I always say, I never go back to a church visited on crosswalk but for some reason today was my second return visit to AOG church Zagreb. First thing that happened, Arna came up-to tell me that 4 years ago... Continue Reading →

Pub crawl

It turns out that the 'crazy brothers' have a ministry to the bars in Slovenia!!! I have to say, God's provision on this trip has been amazing and today has been no exception! Take this morning at around 10:30am. We... Continue Reading →

“I have prayed to receive Christ”

Tuesday morning we had a decision to make! Should we take the pastor's advice and jump ahead to Ljubljana or do we carry on walking? Which would mean staying at a hostel in Logatec. After prayer we felt strongly that... Continue Reading →

“You are my guests”

This morning over breakfast the owner of the hotel ,Igor, came and spent some time with us enquiring about our mission. He also came personally to say " you are my guests! There will be no charge! " His divine... Continue Reading →

You couldn’t make it up !

After an overnight thunderstorm it was still very grey skies as Mike and Alan set out from Ljubljana. Alan has always said that when they are on the road, "That between Google and the Holy Spirit we have most things... Continue Reading →

14 hours

This morning we had another great time sharing Jesus with Natasha. She worked in the sports hostel where we stayed last night. After a really good time of sharing and praying for her, we left her wanting to give her... Continue Reading →

“Your welcome to come back at any time.”

I am not going to lie, the weather has been a major obstacle for us over the last 2 days. However, we were determined to make the most of every small opportunity that came our way. This morning was a... Continue Reading →

When the road is rough and steep

Yesterday was a tough day all round! We left Nova Gorica for Ajdovscina and it rained hard the whole way. Apart from giving the odd damp tract out, we didn't really have many opportunities to talk to anyone. Alan Googled... Continue Reading →

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