Spain 2016

Revelation TV Interview Broadcast 22/12/16

Watch Alan and Mike interviewed on Revelation TV during their walk in Spain, broadcast December 22nd 2016.


Humble leaders produce Grace-filled churches

Our last meeting was yesterday ( Sunday) at Living Waters church in Gibraltar.

I tagged with Alan but he did the main part.

Pastor  John then led the way for his people with repentance! Most of the folk responded to a call for walking closer to The Lord and to be more effective in winning souls.

Ministry has been great on this trip and I have enjoyed working with my mate Alan.

We have seen people receive Christ, get immediate healing and many receive the Holy Spirit.

Though in many ways this walk has been tough! I feel the sense of achievement in returning home alive….

Thank you Jesus, Until the next time

Open the eyes of our heart Lord.

The challenge as we walk Is to communicate the message of  Christ with those who do not know him. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Firstly people need some information. Jesus lived among us, went to the cross for our sins, he was punished in our place. He died, yet rose again, purchasing for us forgiveness and eternal life. Through faith in Jesus we have access to all he did on our behalf and receive all the benefits of his death and resurrection. Those are the facts, but often just the message is not enough. Sometimes we need to engage in a little intellectual debate. However I have found that usually people have very fixed opinions.

 I have discovered it is very difficult to convince people on an intellectual level. Paul said, “We came not with wise and persuasive words but with.a demonstration of the Spirit’s power.” More than information people need Revelation.

So many times , once we have shared the good news, we ask people if they would allow us to pray. At this point it is over to the Holy Spirit. Often people will start to cry as the Spirit reveals Jesus Christ and brings conviction of sin. At this point Evangelism becomes easy, because the Holy Spirit does all the work of convincing people of truth. I am so glad that it doesn’t depend on my ability, because I mess it up so many times. Jesus said, ” If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.”

Gathering an audience

Enjoyed worshipping & encouraging these guys from GHOP this morning

And later back on the streets Al  prayed with a man who’d drifted from his relationship with the Lord…. he felt the gravity of a divinely planned meeting! He’s planning to come and hear us at Living Waters church tomorrow.

In fact we had another family say they would come and hear us at Living Waters church tomorrow. We’ve just been asked to take over the sermon bit!!!

This so reminds me of when I walkedthrough Belfast. I met a woman who poured out her heart to me why she’d fallen away. Then I prayed with her right outside the freemason’s lodge, Belfast city centre.  She came to hear me speak the next day at church ( two busses and a long walk!) and after the meeting she came back to the Lord and to the church!!

Seeding Gibraltar

Crossing the runway into Gibraltar

Most of our gospel tracts taken!

Tomorrow after we have ministered at the ‘house of prayer’ ( G.HOP)we will be going out around Gibraltar with the cross…pls pray for a reaping time tomorrow!

The power of forgiveness 


So, provision this far……

First two nights, roughing it at a Five Star hotel near Malaga courtesy of a brilliant chap called Tapio from Finland.

Then, 3 nights with a lovely couple called Mike & Edith

Plus Sunday lunch with these leaders Iain & Pat

Then, a great night with this Top family ( Johan, Lynda , Oliver , Felix & Julie) led by Yohan & Lynda complete with gingerbread crosswalkers

Bringing you up to date, staying 2 nights with Ruth Dougan 

Breakthrough in Estepona

Wow, some sunshine! We had a pleasant walk into Estepona…. and as we approached the edge of town i could see that this Spanish bank holiday was going to be good for us!

All our tracts went in 20mins! But a woman called Malina and a teenage girl called Nadushka stopped to ask why are we carrying a cross.It seemed like the meeting was really about Nadushka, so Alan began to explain the gospel to her.

While Alan was busy, God told me that Malina had fibromyalgia so I said, “Malina, when I look at you I see fibromyalgia!” So she said “that’s right I’ve been in pain since 3am this morning.” You are going to pray for me aren’t you?” I prayed and pain left!! Praise the Lord. 

Meanwhile Alan was deep in discussion with Nadhushka…she was close to surrendering her life…. then Alan prayed… she was clearly Impacted…within 10mins after that she prayed to receive Christ!

Here’s the funny ( amazing ) thing! This Christian family that attends the local church were waiting to talk to us at this very moment Nadushka was being born into the Kingdom!! I love the way God arranges “follow up”

First testimony from today’s meetings

Dear Mike
I am writing to thank you for the powerful messages you brought to the Ark today. It is difficult to find the words to explain how deep some of the Revelations were. It was explained so well and through Gods word.
As soon as you prayed for me and I felt God’s touch, the healing was immediate in my back, down the spine, shoulders and whole posture. It was straightened immediately.


The power of the Holy Spirit was so strong, I went down to the floor and stayed there a while. I totally accept my healing,


Thank you
We will also pray for you at our next prayer meeting on Wednesday morning,
Liz Lovett

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