UK Walks

The first of many in Aldershot.

So, for the last few weeks every Monday, Alan has taken up the cross and walked from Farnborough into the middle of Aldershot.  Usually we walk from town to town rarely visiting the same place twice. So to walk in... Continue Reading →

When the saints go marching in.

"Oh when the saints go marching in, Oh when the saints go marching in, I want to be in that number, Oh when the saints go marching in. " This is old spiritual song and a popular chant at Southampton... Continue Reading →

Praying on the pilgrims trail.

Today was the longest days walking on this trip, thankfully I had no backpack to carry. So all in all I walked 18 miles down to Southsea before finishing in Porchester. I have to admit Portsmouth was tough , not... Continue Reading →

I Havant given up.

When I woke up this morning and saw the sky through the window it made my heart sink. Dark overcast skies threatening an imminent downpour.  Part of me thought about jumping on a train and cutting a little off the... Continue Reading →

Good things come to those who wait.

Today I passed through 3 towns. Littlehampton,  Bognor Regis and Chichester.   3 towns and about 16 miles made it the longest walk on this trip. The sun made an appearance,  but Suprisingly I didn't speak to as many people... Continue Reading →

Wet wet wet.

Never forget we are in a spiritual battle. Whilst we are endeavouring to advance the Kingdom of Heaven there is one at work who will try and discourage and undo all your good work. I received this text this morning... Continue Reading →

A cold and wet weekend in Brighton?

This weekend was a little bit of a push into the unknown although I knew Brighton reasonably well my contact there was looking a little shaky.  I had the option to walk into Brighton and then bus back to Seaford... Continue Reading →

Life is full of ups and downs.

I have to admit today was a bit of a roller coaster,  very up and down,  both in the terrain and in my emotions.  Walking on your own can make you feel very vulnerable in many ways, it's at these... Continue Reading →

Hit the road running.

What a day! Sarah and I drove down to Hastings this morning.  By the time I got the cross up and prayed it was 11:30AM a late start for me. However I knew I would have to go some to... Continue Reading →

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