Ukraine 2015

Return to the UK

Thank you for praying everyone, it's been a weird 3days!! Dávid Kovacs had to return to the UK regarding a situation to do with his job. Which meant we had to be in Kiev by Sunday pm.  We manage to... Continue Reading →

On the job training 

This the second time David Kovacs has walked with me..... It's a great privilege to be able to invest in young men! Here he is ministering healing and cancelling epilepsy off a couple who stopped in their car.   He sat... Continue Reading →


Two men stopped in their car, a Greek Catholic priest and his friend who was unsure about faith! That asked lots of questions, and we answered them and kept bringing the conversation back to Jesus. So after a good opportunity... Continue Reading →

L’viv to Ternopil


In God’s hands

We got put on a train this morning by Gypsy pastor.....we had no choice! A militant group are hiding not far from where we were to pass, which special forces have not been able to apprehend. Makes sense to listen... Continue Reading →

2nd Gypsy Camp

At another gypsy camp tonight in Svalyava.Pastor very suspicious at first til he saw affects of our ministry on his people.....taking me from house to house in the ghetto. Met a little girl who was raised from the dead one... Continue Reading →

Mukacheve gypsy camp

   We arrived at the gypsy camp Sunday at 2:45pm Camp was on the border of Hungary Romania Slovakia Russia so it was perfectly located for the maffia to do border business with drugs and all other trade. So they... Continue Reading →

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