Valencia to Barcelona 2015

N340 The Road of Life.

This January I took on the challenge of walking from Valencia to Barcelona a total of 222 miles in 12 days. Just to make it a little more difficult I carried a 12 foot wooden cross weighing 20KG and my... Continue Reading →

Words of encouragement.

Just a short blog today. This morning I  went to Esglesia Evangelica in the village of Vilassar de Mar. I was able to share a little of what had been happening in the last two weeks and shared testimony of... Continue Reading →

A heart for the city.

So, I finally made it. 12 days walking 222 miles 500 gospel tracts countless conversations  and many entering the kingdom of God. Sometimes we can wonder how worthwhile our contribution is to the purposes of the Kingdom.  As I looked... Continue Reading →


I am a great beliver in, "If it's your day to die then there is not much you can do about it". Well if you're reading this then you know I am still alive and kicking.  I was pretty confident... Continue Reading →

Their Kingdom shall be an everlasting Kingdom.

Today I was struck by how God oversees all of human history causing nations and Kingdoms to rise and fall. All with the ultimate aim of seeing the increase of the government and peace of his son King Jesus being... Continue Reading →

All the pieces of the jigsaw fit together.

A great day for walking.  Clear blue skies a cool breeze amd the knowledge that every foot step brings me closer to the finish line. I normally find that a few days before I start walking I get restless and... Continue Reading →

The Father’s heart.

I was sharing with the Church in Vinaros that the most exciting events of my life have surrounded the birth of my children. I was privileged to be at the birth of all my children.  Although the first time I... Continue Reading →

Farwell Valencenos, hello Catalonia

So After an excellent weekend and feeling refreshed. It was to hit the road again and crossed over to a new region Catalonia.  The landscape changed slightly as the orange groves made way for Olive groves. I said goodbye to... Continue Reading →

Spirit break out.

Yesterday I walked one of the shortest distances ever just 5.2 miles. Why? I was facing a dilemma should I push on or stay in Vinaros a town of about 50000 people. Even on that short distance several motorists and... Continue Reading →

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