Escape from Mosul.

Shared lunch today with this remarkable man,Salman Hassan, an Iraqi kurd who converted from  Islam to follow Jesus Christ.

On the 10th June 2014 the Islamic state attacked Mosul, which had become a city of refuge for Christians fleeing Islamic persecution. He remembers that around 6am Mortars began to fall in his area. Previously the Christian leaders in the city had advised everyone to remain in the city. As he heard the sound of machine gun fire  and shouting, he decided it was best to flee. he joined 6 others in a car who had decided to leave also.

They sped off out of the city. Salman had only the clothes he was wearing, some cash and his mobile phone. As they reached open countryside the were stopped at a checkpoint and asked for their papers. Unfortunately this was not the Kurdish Peshmerga but a group of Islamic state fighters who had flanked the city. 

Salman was ordered out of the car and robbed of his phone, his sunglasses and his cash. Then they decided to kill him. He was hit in the head with the butt of  a gun and a pistol held to his head. at this point his phone rang. A relative was ringing to warn him to flee the city because Daesh were coming.  The Isis fighter answered to tell them, that he had already been captured. 

At this point they were about to push him in a ditch and shoot him.  They paused for a moment, in the distance behind them  they saw two blue armoured humvees side by side approaching at speed. 

 They pushed Salman and the other guy back into the vehicle and attempted to squeeze in with them. The driver had been wise, he had left the engine running the whole time, he put it into first and hit the gas hard. The door wasn’t shut and the Isis fighter fell out. The seven of them sped of as fast as they could. As they looked out the rear window, they were amazed to see the Humvees had disappeared. The Muslims in the car turned to Salman and said, “Your God has saved us”.

Salman currently lives in the Czech Republic and visits Iraq once a month to distribute aid and bring the good news of Jesus.

Sunburn and a killer Hill.

I said Goodbye to Pastor Pavel and his wife Jana, who put me on the correct road for the next leg of the journey.

 It seemed a straightforward walk to Vysoke Mýto, although I noticed a bit of a hairpin bend on the map. My worst fears were confirmed when I was confronted by a steep hill. I wasn’t happy.

Today was the hottest day so far. I passed through a few villages, but it was very quiet. I arrived in the town square at Vysoke Mýto late afternoon and met Monika who is a teacher and also a keen evangelist. She joined me in giving out tracts in the square. She introduced me to one of her pastors, Zdeněk, with whom I am staying tonight. Tomorrow is market day so the three of us will be out early talking to people before I head south.

A Gypsy lady bought me an ice-cream, which really blessed me. reminding me of the verse, “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.”

Monika is next to me on the end.

 I have some sunburn now. So it’s all good fun. Thanks for all the prayers. Breakthrough is coming.

Breaking open the ground.

The Christian life is full of paradoxes, to live we need to die to self, is one example. The same is true with the walks. Having walked 100 km in 3 days solo is an incredible achievement, let alone carrying a 20kg cross plus a back pack.

The walking has been good on miles of open roads but spiritual conversations have been few and far between. interestingly people haven’t laughed at me or been irritated by the cross, just no response. 

Things have begun to change, however, as I approached Pabudice I was hooked by a few truck drivers. When I reached the city I was met by a pastor called Pavel. I preached in the open air in the city centre and we gave out tracts. slowly the atmosphere began to change. Before we left, I had a great conversation with a young lady called Adele, who is very close to faith. 

In the meeting we gathered with a few believers to pray for the nation. One person said, ” The reason the Czech is so tough spiritually, is because the local church hasn’t done enough. It is the responsibility of the church here to change it.”

it’s early days yet with 12 days to go. will you join with me in praying for this Nation to have it’s eyes opened to the wonderful love of our saviour Jesus.

Victory in Europe.

Today, 8th May, is VE day,a time when we celebrate the end of World war 2 in Europe. Here in the Czech Republic it is a public holiday. Today I began the process of leaving Prague. Although my surroundings seemed quite Rural it was after lunch time before I left Prague city limits.
The morning was hot and sunny and most local businesses were closed for the day, at some points I felt I was in a ghost town. This made obtaining water quite difficult. 
After lunch The heavens opened, not with showers of blessing but wet cold rain. This made the few people who were around dissappear. Walking with the cross in the rain is not really enjoyable especially as now I had left the city there was no pavement.

I pushed on, it was difficult day, I didn’t drink enough and I have headache. However this is all part of the battle. You have good days and bad days. One thing is sure, that even when there are set backs, walking with Christ, victory is assured.  I continue walking, believing come rain or shine, The Holy Spirit is at work in Europe and an awakening to God is coming.

Crosswalk is a Marathon not a sprint.

I arrived in Prague around 11pm local time on Saturday night. Thankfully my contact Milan was there to meet me at the airport. After a refreshing night’s sleep, Milan took me to Church Sunday morning.  2 churches were meeting in the same conference centre. I was able to speak at the Russian speaking church. Although being translated into Russian and then Czech was challenging when you get in the flow. I was down to speak at the Czech Apostolic church.  unfortunately the first service in one Hall over ran So I missed my slot twice!!.

In the afternoon I went into the city. Today was the day of the Prague Marathon, So the city was heaving with people, most of whom were overseas visitors. I had many opportunities to talk with people from all over the world. 

I prayed with a guy called Mario from Italy, who was really challenged by the message of Christ’s forgiveness. we prayed together for him to receive Christ. I met another guy Igor, ( yes that really was his name) from Russia. He wanted to try the cross on for size. After feeling the weight on his shoulder, he asked, ” So what is the message?” I explained how Jesus was punished in his place, so that he could be completely forgiven and free from all condemnation.  He was amazed that this was possible and wanted to pray to receive Christ personally.  


Another Italian guy Albertino.I also met a Dutch women who took a gospel tract from Mike and I in Utrecht 4 years ago. 

In the evening I met up with Martin who had hosted David Kovacs and I in Bratislava 2 months ago.  

On Monday I begin  the 12 days of walking 300KM east towards Ostrava. I plan to be in Pardubice by Wednesday where I will be speaking in.a local church.

Get free on Route 63.

We had an excellent time in Hungary and Slovakia, walking about 160km in 6 days, speaking in 3 churches and sharing the best news of all with hundreds of people. When we crossed the border from Hungary to Slovakia we walked almost exclusively on Route 63 the main road in the South West of the country. Despite local opinion this was one of the safest roads I had walked on with a wide hard shoulder/ cycle Lane. 

We had been well looked after in Budapest hosted by  Autonom Church, Who were very generous in their support for this mission.  

South Western Slovakia is predominantly Hungarian speaking, so it was great to walk with David Kovacs, who proved himself to be an excellent walking companion, and an Evangelist in his own right.

Over the 6 days walking at least 5 people came to faith that we know of, as usual we are not always aware of the much bigger spiritual impact we are making.  Every time we saw a wheelchair, David was in there praying, at least one person was saved as a result of this Holy boldness.

We had an extraordinary time in Komarno, Where we welcomed by Alexander Barkóci, to the church that meets in his home. The Holy Spirit is doing a significant work in the nations through this man, drawing people to Jesus.

Central Europe needs the good news of Jesus, and I believe we will be in the region again in the near future.

Breakthrough Church Bratislava.

Saturday was a tougher day than expected. We set off for Bratislava at 7:40 Am because we wanted to reach the  city in good time. It poured with rain and David discovered his new coat wasn’t waterproof and had to change  his socks twice. 

We found the Slovak speakers tougher to talk to than Hungarian speakers at first, but after a while they warmed up a little.

We met a guy called Martin in Komarno on Wednesday and he graciously gave us his apartment for Saturday night.

On Sunday we decided to visit Breakthrough Church. Although they didn’t know we were coming, God opened a door for us to encourage the church. 

David had a prophetic word for the church concerning Gideon’s army. After that Alan  got up and spoke briefly about what God was doing. 

All of a sudden the Spirit’s blew and encouraging prophetic words flowed thick and fast. People began to pray and prophesy over us for 10 minutes. Thankfully a guy called Pavel had the foresight to film it on my phone. 

It appears that for this Church in Bratislava God is building a spiritual link to the UK and they have been thanking God for all the good we have done for Europe!

During the evenings David has introduced me to the ministry of Todd White. One application of this is we have been leaving outrageously big tips when we eat out. It’s great to see the waitress smile as she reads our literature having been blessed financially by us. When we got to the airport , we still had €90 not bad considering we arrived with nothing. Thank you Todd!

The weird couple

It was a proper crosswalk day today, because crazy things were happening and if you know anything about our ministry we love it when crazy things happen.

Right at the start David spotted a guy in a wheelchair, for us when we are walking we see people in pain we want the Holy Spirit to come in power. So David went over and shared some good news and offered to pray for the man, Attila. 

we then began walking after an hour or so a reporter pulled up. He had been alerted by one of the newspapers readers that 2 weird guys had been seen walking with the cross.

As he left another guy pulled up called Jozsef. We had an opportunity to pray with him. From then on we made slow progress as time and time again people in different vehicles pulled over to talk with us. It was maybe 2 hours later when Attila’s wife Szelena pulled up with his other friend and the Grandmother of the family. They wanted to thank us for praying for Atilla, who they said had improved a lot already. We were keen for them to know the man Jesus not just his miracles. At this point Szelena told us she had invited Jesus into her life. We spent a long time chatting with the other friend, who confessed he was a very bad man who had been in prison 5 times. We explained no one was beyond the reach of Christ’s forgiveness. We prayed with him, but as far as we know he hasn’t received Jesus yet. 

Later in the afternoon and guy in his work van pulled up, Benjamin, and invited us to come to a bar he owned for a drink. We had a great time witnessing and praying with his customers. We  promised to pray for him and his girlfriend Julia tonight.

Finally we got to Samorin, where a lovely Christian couple took  us out for dinner and arranged a room for us tonight. 

Tomorrow we arrive in Bratislava and are expecting great things.

Budapest Autonom Church

Watch Alan’s message shared at Budapest Autonom Church on Sunday 12th March 2017 – If anyone is in Christ They are a new creation.


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