Clive Urquhart – Senior Pastor – Kingdom Faith

“Crosswalk is a God-given vision to take the gospel out of the four walls of the church and into the heart of the nation. Mike is one of God’s men to raise up a new generation of evangelists who preach the gospel not only with words but with signs following.”

Dave Campbell – Regional Leader of the Elim Pentecostal Church, Metropolitan Regions

“In an age when most people find walking to the car a chore Mike Vickers has walked the length of the land because of a passion to share the good news of Jesus Christ. He is a man who walks the walk as well as talks the talk.”

Carl Beech – General Director – Christian Vision for Men

Dear Sirs
I’m writing to commend to you our brother in Christ Mike Vickers.  He is church leader and national/international evangelist that I have had the honour of ministering with for some time now.  He has spoken at our key National conference in the UK and is held in high esteem.  I highly respect his ministry and consider him to be an anointed man of God.  I do hope that you are able to connect with him which I believe would be mutually strengthening, good for the Kingdom and a significant blessing.  I write as an ordained Pentecostal minister and as a member of the UK Evangelical Alliance council.

Yours In Christ
Rev Carl Beech – CVM

Pastor Des Deehan – Church on the Rock – Ramsey, Isle of Man

Thank you for such an amazing morning at Church on the Rock, Ramsey. Your stories are inspirational and your message was both challenging and encouraging.
It was such a joy to see a number of people healed and coming to faith in Christ, not to mention the lives that where changed. You are truly a man of God and a blessing. We look forward to working with you again.

Pastor James Glass – Elim Glasgow

“We had Mike Vickers speak at Glasgow Elim at the beginning of his Glasgow to Chester walk. He really stirred us up and made us hungry for God to move in greater ways – especially in salvation and healing. Highly recommend Mike and his team they will refresh you and expand your vision of what God wants to do and can do. These guys are trailblazers – John the Baptists preparing the way of the Lord. You must have them in your church! Great guys. Great God.”

Richard George – Cornerstone Church – Norwich

We were privileged to host Mike and team tonight in Loddon, south of Norwich. We praised God and heard a stirring message from Mike. He is a man who loves Jesus, wants the kingdom and walks in obedience. I suggest that you go out of your way to invite him to your church! We loved  his spirit  and know God will use him powerfully in the days ahead as he proclaims Jesus en route across the country. We look forward to seeing you again Mike!

Pastor Mike Smith, Elim-Castle Douglas

“It was great to have Mike with us today, he brought the ‘now’ word of the Lord. our fellowship was encouraged and challenged and most importantly responded to the wake up call for our nation right now!”

Eric Gaudion – Senior Pastor – Elim Pentecostal Church – St Peter Port, GUERNSEY

Thank you so much for your ministry in our church this morning. We really appreciated your anointed, clear, winsome and wise teaching and the careful way that you brought it, mindful of the different mix of people we had present. I thank God for sending you our way and pray His richest blessing on your walk this week.
As Chairman of the Guernsey Evangelical Alliance I am also happy to recommend your work and ministry to our members and to other leaders in the Body of Christ.

Rev Tony Reynolds – Abergavenny Family Church

“We had the “For honour 2009″ team come to us last Sunday.Not knowing quite what to expect we were very pleased to find that they were all regular guys – with a vision and passion that was infectious.People were greatly blessed by Mikes’ simple clear message and after he had spoken most of the Church went forward for prayer. The results of that we will of course see worked out in the coming weeks, but for now there certainly seemed to be a move forward in the town.Thank you Lord!”

Richard Morschel – Kingdom Life Church – Frankfurt

Great news! We’re standing and walking with you in spirit! Both KLF and Charity Church, Hanau are praying for you and for breakthrough in Germany. Yesterday I ministered in Charity Church and everyone was raving about your time with them. It was a joy to be with them and experience the freshness of the Holy Spirit because of the breakthrough God brought about through your visit! Glory to God and thanks be to you for your obedience and perseverence! Keep it up!! Your labour is already bearing fruit.

Erika Korinth – church leader – Jesus house church – Fulda

Mike, your visit in our church has been a great blessing for us. Your coming was another jigsaw puzzle piece for the future of our church and our service here in Fulda. Everything you told us fitted just into our situation and it encouraged us tremendeously to go on into the direction the Lord has shown us. It really was a miracle itself that you showed up here in Fulda yesterday, yes especially yesterday, for only one day later nobody would have been here in our church. God is good!
We belive, that God will start here in Fulda something new that will reach our whole country. You are one of the forerunners for that…..go on and prepare the way for the Lord to come mightily!!!
For today God gave me a word for you:
Psalm 121, 5-7 The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand. The sun shall not smite you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from all evil; He will keep your life.

Kim Droptiny – ToTheStreets Ministry – Berlin

ToTheStreets was so grateful to have Evangelist Mike Vickers come to Berlin! We loved the fact that Mike didn’t care that all we are is a Mother/Daughter team from the United States doing evangelism in Berlin. He didn’t care that we are not a huge church nor a “normal” church. We are small and we meet in a park that is full of drug addicts and alcoholics. Mike marched with us from our cafe to Boxhagner Park and he wasn’t afraid to share the gospel on a microphone in enemy territory full of atheists and anarchists. The gospel was proclaimed and many came to listen. Mike also gave very encouraging words to our small home church which will stay with us for a long time to come. Thank you Mike and thank you Mark for bringing the love and encouragement of our Lord Jesus Christ to Berlin! We pray that he returns with his cross and spends more time marching around Berlin!

Marcel Cordos – Senior pastor – Harmony Church – Alba iulia

I had the privilege to be the driver, the host and then the translator of two men of God: Mike and Alan. They are great because their lives and testimonies given to my church made us see How Great our God is! They declared in humbleness that “ It s not about them but about Him, who carried the cross and died on it, for us.
All the believers in Harmony Baptist church in Alba Iulia have been blessed to see how God has been using them among us and among nations.We got tremendous encouragement and challenge.
Today, as Mike, started the journey carrying the cross among the people in my city and Alan was passing tracts, they met a guy who said to him that he is punished the moment he has to carry such a cross. With no hesitation, Mike responded to him: “I am not punished, Jesus was punished for me! I am blessed and this cross reminds you the tremendous love God has for you and me.“

Revd Nigel Whitehouse – Whittlesey – Pondersbridge and Coates C of E Team Ministry

I lifted the cross and walked a couple of steps. How Mike is doing what he is doing – only by God’s strength is all I can say. We went onto Coates and when Mike arrived he called it a day. We got him back to the Rectory here in Whittlesey where coffee, a shower and meal awaited. Mike and Mark met up with the Rectory household – my wife Jo, daughters Laura and Sarah, pet dog Purdy. We had an enjoyable evening sharing stories and chilling as they say. We are delighted to have been able to help Mike and Mark a little on their way. We shall keep them in our prayers. For the next few weeks I anticipate we will be answering the question Why was that man carrying a cross through the village, town and the roads between ?  Thank you for including us on the route. Thank God for your faith and witness.

Pastors Brian & Elizabeth Hodges – Ichthus Christian Fellowship – Hereford

“We had really been looking forward to Mike and his team coming from the day we were contacted about the walk. We were certainly not disappointed. The Celebration Service on Thursday evening was a wonderful blessing to everyone who came. At the end Mike prayed for Brian and me, and especially for my chronically painful back. Many others were coming forward for prayer, and so I went out to speak to those coming out into the other room.

It was also our privilege and pleasure to have Mike, Mark, and for one night, 2 other young men to visit our house. Yes, we had hilarious times, but much more significantly we had really blessed fellowship. Living and working where we do often feel quite isolated, and such fellowship is very strengthening.

Oh? – my back? Well prior to that prayer,  for a very long time I had been just about coping with our normal everyday life, and since Christmas I had been deteriorating very rapidly and having to take many rest periods to get through each day. Not only did I cope with a team of strange men from S.W. London for 4 days, but after a very busy weekend I have driven for a total of 6 ½- 7 hours!!  You always keep Your promises.Thank You Lord for your strength for each day.”

Rev. John G. Pickles – St Andrew’s Annan and Brydekirk Parish Churches – (Church of Scotland)

Tonight we had mike and co. with us for dinner. We really enjoyed his visit and hearing about all he has been doing while walking from Glasgow. It has been such a blessing to chat and hear of God working through the team. I particularly enjoyed some time that we had together talking about vision and distinctiveness.