Alan & me have just stopped for a break and found some wifi! We’ve been walking in cold rain and wind that has cut into our faces…. The left side of our faces not working properly, as if we have had double-dose injections for a root filling!!! More laughing!! We found a bar cafe to rest at.

And then!!!!!!!!! 3 people healed & 3 people saved!

Alan prays for Anna….she shout’s, “wow!!” The pain has gone, later she prays with Alan to receive the Lord. Then many others seeing & hearing Anna loudly declaring that she was healed and without pain, queued themselves to be prayed for!!!!  It was like a church revival meeting!

Marinko, next to Mike had sinus pain and congestion…..he’s a pub singer, and prayer was instantly healed!!!! The girl in red next to Mike was delivered of a spirit of fear & anxiety….she began to cry, but said they were tears of happiness!! PTL.

He Marinko took Mike off into another room and shared some personal stuff…..concluding in Marinko asking Jesus to forgive him and opening his heart to receive Christ!

This is Sylvia and Marinko who both accepted Gods free gift of forgiveness and put there trust in Jesus!!