Last night we were taken to stay at a wooden house in a village on the outskirts of Chernivitsi.

We had to be in doors by 10pm because of the curfew! Which was fine because we had to be up early, for the house was serving as a field kitchen. At 6:30am a team of women arrived to cook with huge pots, massive amounts of quality food for the refugees.

We were collected a bit later by our new good friend Taras (the pastor’s right hand man)


Taras took us to the centre where the soup kitchen team were getting ready to transport gazebos, tables and enough food to feed 5000 people, so Mike and Al got stuck in loading vans.

As the team needed a meeting before they set up in the city centre, we decided to walk the cross over ahead of everyone.

For 2 hours before the team got there we were praying for refugees….they were coming up and asking for prayer!!!

At least two people had given their lives to the Lord before church group arrived….

We were told that our gospel tracts were culturally relevant and the pastor wants thousands more…

It was great to see these dear people reading them waiting in a queue for a hot meal!

Then Pastor Wroslan preached and some of the refugees prayed the prayer of repentance

Pastor Wroslan

Alan was at the back of the queue handing out our tracts just at the point the preaching ended which was perfect because our gospel tracts tell people how they can actually receive Jesus!

It was amazing, the atmosphere was charged and Heaven was breaking out in the square.

After this we were taking in the church van to another location where refugees were being fed and helped…. A coffee shop type building the church is converting to another refugee centre.

This time Alan was asked to preach

A classic Saunders evangelistic preach where everyone was engaged!

Straight after we sat with the people to listen and pray.

I was just sat with a young Mum who has fled a war zone in Donbas!!!! Her husband is there fighting. He and his friends have had to stay and defend their city!
I shared the gospel with Kat and prayed for her, her son Adion (and her husband’s name is Pavlo)
I promised her that we would pray for Pavlo and his mates that God would protect them.. then we gave her some money…. What a privilege!! She didn’t want to take it, she said, “we are ok, we come come here each day for food.” I insisted and she eventually gave in…. I had a lump in my throat as she walked off with her little boy in the pushchair.

Pray for Kat, Adion, Pavlo and his comrades

Then we were whisked off to a warehouse to fill the van with more supplies. Alan had a little accident, tripping over a pallet of chicken nuggets and knocking a load of tins over!!! because everyone laughed so much ( including Al) no one thought to ask him if he was ok!!!

After packing the van so tight that none of us could get back in…but there’s always a way.

We returned to the city square, where there was time for one more preach…

Taras interprets for Mike

Just before I preached, Alan gave me a strategy, a real word of wisdom how to do it, thank God he did!! There was an elderly woman refugee from Kyiv who played amazing grace on a violin to the crowd, she was amazing…..Wow!! It was really moving! ( it was like a scene from Schindlers list, if you know what I mean…) and then I preached and many refugees received the Lord….
Taras interpreted for me and then invited them to his church!

We’ll post a short video of the folk responding to the appeal to receive Jesus, on Cross the Nations page tomorrow!

Then it was time to take the van back to base and unload the supplies…. these guys are doing this every single day….Taras has worked 45 days without a day off!

Alan and myself enjoyed some Ukrainian home cooked supper before our friend Valerin drove us back to the Romanian border, where we sat for 1 1/2 hours until we could scrap enough money together for the insisted bribe!!

We are now back in Siret! We have been told that in our absence more refugees have come to stay here including a pastors daughter ( who is in shock) she made it out of Mariupol…her Father has stayed behind on purpose, to be there for the people!!

Thanks for all your prayers